Beauty News: Oriflame A/W ’13 Collection 

Oriflame Ignites Luxury with its new A/W Collection


Swedish cosmetics company, Oriflame has launched a new A/W make-up collection , It’s all we’re talking about here at G+G… spread the word!

5-in-1 BB Cream, (£10.95)

Oriflame introduces its first ever BB cream which has five key benefits for skin! Scientists have created an oil-free breakthrough formula that hydrates, masks and illuminates the skin! With SPF 30 and a dewy, natural finish, it’s the perfect product for women on the go!

Beauty Eyebrow Kit, (£7.95)

This cute compact is like a chest of drawers, with a little surprise in each compartment! Two brushes are stowed underneath and a leaflet lies on top to teach you how to style your brow to perfection! There are two blendable colours and a setting wax to help you achieve the AW make-up trend of brushed up brows expertly and easily!

Master Curl Mascara, (£8.95)

If you suffer from short, stumpy eyelashes then here’s a mascara that will give you gorgeous lashes worth fluttering! The formula is enriched with Vitamin E, bees and Carnabu wax to condition and strengthen your eyelashes and the arched dual wand helps to volumize and add extra oompf!

Jewel Lipstick, (£13.95)

In a metallic casing adjourned with sophisticated patterns, this little beauty buy is designed to dazzle! The luxe lipstick’s are the latest addition to the exclusive Giordani Gold collection; a beautiful collaboration with designer Helene Courtaigne Delalande! With 10 new shades and a moisturising cashmere finish, the lipstick helps you achieve lips that are beautiful to look at and velvety smooth to kiss!

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