Say hello to supple skin with our pick of the best nourishing body creams – the perfect prep for your summer body

Caudalie Nourishing Body Moisturiser
Packed with an array of active ingredients, this immediately moisturises the skin to leave it feeling super soft. If that’s not enough, it targets ageing skin to help it feel and look firmer. Your skin will have a gorgeous radiant glow and smell divine.

Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream
Your body will feel instantly softer after applying this conditioning cream. Hydrating and toning the skin, its special blend of lactic acid, sugar cane, lavender, patchouli and green tea will soothe and soften any dryness.

Neal’s Yard Beauty Sleep Body Butter
Applying cream just before going to sleep is the perfect way to really let the skin absorb the product. This gorgeous cream from organic brand Neal’s Yard is created specially for night time application, meaning you’ll wake up with transformed skin. Enriched with conditioning agents, this plumps and softens the skin – plus it contains super relaxing aroma-therapeutic oils to ensure you get a peaceful sleep.

Janjira Thai Lime & Ginger Body Butter
This totally delicious body butter is rich in texture and piles in a whole host of nourishing ingredients. Shea butter, coconut oil and avocado oil are key to this zesty number, which will replenish skin and banish dryness.

Sanctuary Spa Firm & Boost Body Butter
We all want firmer skin, so this body boosting cream is our must-have for beach body prep. Designed to restore firmness, this sinks wonderfully into skin and will leave it feeling tigther and softer.

Temple Spa Duvet Firming Body Cream
Dubbed as the duvet, as it brings instant comfort to the body, this skin treat works to deeply nourish and moisturise the body. Better still, it acts to eliminate the dreaded signs of aging by firming, toning and smoothing the skin. Silky soft skin will be coming your way!


Feature: Kathryn Lewsey