Mary Katrantzou AW’14

‘Is this really a Mary Katrantzou show?’ we hear you say! Well, without a digital print in sight, we sure do understand your confusion, but in fact this collection was a perfect showcase of the designer’s growth as she asserts her role and status within the industry. It was her digital prints that may have shot her into stardom, but this collection is the one that everyone will be talking about.

1 2 Mary Katrantzou AW’14

Symmetry was still the key, but this time it came in the form of her powerful interpretation and understanding of symbols, from school and sports uniforms, to scout badges and heraldic emblems. Silhouettes were soft and flowing, with mesmerising floor sweeping pieces alongside heavily embellished mini-dresses. The collection was a collage, with models adorned with badges, emblems and symbols, in sporty shapes covered in encrusted embroidery that was mirrored of course, in true Katrantzou style.

It may have been a risk to steer away from her usual approach to design, but it is safe to say that Mary Katrantzou’s risk taking sure does pay off. This is a collection that is innovative and jam-packed with interesting elements, while achieving a bold beauty and elegance that we just adore.  

8 6 10Mary Katrantzou AW’14

Feature: Lucy Dixon