Salon Review: Touché by Flavien Hair Treatment, Urban Retreat@Harrods, Knightsbridge – London


Review: Kathryn Lewsey

Flavien Abbas is the Senior Art Director for Harrods’ Urban Retreat who styles hair of the rich and famous on a daily basis so it was only a matter of time before he created his very own range of products: Touché by Flavien, which has now landed on counter.

I headed down to Urban Retreat at Harrods to hear more about the collection and try out some of the products. Sitting down with Flavien, he explained how Touché is different from other brands as it concentrates on the type of scalp you have instead of your hair type, focusing on dry, balanced and oily scalps. The celebrity hairdresser demonstrated his expertise and told me why he had picked his key ingredient, prickly pear oil. Using one million seeds and taking an astonishing 36 hours to produce just a litre, this rarely used oil contains double the amount of fatty acids and protein than argan oil and is incredibly rich in vitamin E. Thus, it has anti-inflammatory properties and high moisture content, making it ideal for protecting and maintaining tresses.

Flavien picked an array of other key ingredients that would ensure each item was packed with over 90% of natural contents. This includes the likes of argan oil, goji berry, cashmere and keratin- all of which were carefully selected from thorough research to create the most nourishing and protective hair products.

The Touché by Flavien range also offers a Moisturising Repair Conditioner, which hydrates hair thanks to the addition of soothing chamomile, and Volume Up Conditioner, a product created to naturally maximise hair’s lift. The sixth and final wonder product is Intensive Nourishing Treatment, which I was lucky to experience when visiting Flavien. Containing ole europea fruit oil and shea butter, this improves hair growth, combats anti-ageing and restores moisture, shine and hydration.

After my nourishing treatment, my hair was beautifully styled by Flavien himself. Demonstrating talent and professionalism, Flavien made it look easy as he revamped my locks into a full-bodied mane of gloss and glamour. I left my Flavien experience with hair that had never felt so good.

Touché by Flavien PROFESSIONAL INTENSIVE NOURISHING TREATMENT, £30, Flavien Abbas Blow-Dry £65, Urban Retreat@Harrods, Knightsbridge, London

Touché by Flavien Hair Collection: Dry Scalp Shampoo: 250ml £29/ 50ml £12, Balanced Scalp Shampoo: 250ml £29/ 50ml £12, Oily Scalp Shampoo: 250ml £29/ 50ml £12, Moisturising Repair Conditioner: 250ml £33/ 50ml £12, Volume Up Conditioner: 250ml £33/ 50ml £12, Intensive Nourishing Treatment: 300ml £68/ 50ml £17