At Home Spa: Salon Inspired Beauty Gadgets

As beauty technology becomes more and more sophisticated, it’s becoming easier to bring the salon home – while we can’t deny the luxury of a spa treatment every now and again; these innovative gadgets are great for saving money and are fun to use!


Prevent hair re-growth quickly and easily with this brilliant handheld device from Philips. Using gentle pulses of light to banish hair from the root, repeated use promises to stop the growth from follicles, giving you smooth and silky skin. You can use this award-winning gadget on the face, body and even sensitive areas like the bikini line – we’ll take any excuse to avoid any more embarrassing and painful trips to the waxing salon!




This is a great solution for those with oily, spot-prone skin. If lotions and potions aren’t working, this miracle machine could be the answer to your prayers! By using blue light technology, the Tanda Clear is clinically proven to fight bacteria and banish blemishes; targeting clogged pores and preventing future breakouts. As if this wasn’t enough, special sonic vibrations have been proven to treat fine lines and wrinkles, revealing a smooth and youthful complexion. What’s not to love?




Specifically designed for its anti-aging results, this second offering from Philips doesn’t come cheap – but take into account a lifetime’s spending in salon bills and it may just be worth the splurge. With breakthrough laser technology, the ReAura targets the 7 key signs of ageing, and is dermatalogically proven to reduce fine lines, even skin tone and smooth the skin’s texture. It’s easy to use, too: simply apply the laser performance gel, apply the device, and finally apply the aftercare treatment. Definitely worth a try for those results!




It’s not the most glamorous of beauty tools, but it sure is an essential for gorgeous summer feet! The perfect accessory to your pedicure routine, this best-selling gadget will give you salon-worthy results at home by safely removing hard skin from your heels – revealing soft and smooth soles. While traditional foot scrapers use blades to cut into the skin, the Micro Pedi’s micro-mineral rollers gently buffs any roughness away, causing no pain at all.




Loose facial skin is directly linked to muscle strength – as we get older, it’s important to stimulate these muscles in order to maintain a youthful and lifted shape. A safer and far less painful option to Botox and cosmetic surgery is this clever little device, which is proven to firm up the skin, improve tone and reveal a lifted effect by stimulating the facial nerve and increasing blood flow. You’re guaranteed to see a a difference if you use it for just 20 minutes a day!




Another great anti-aging device, the Silk’n Reju uses light emitting diode (LED) technology to stimulate deep skin tissue, reduce pores and restore radiance. Specifically for the face, neck and décolleté areas, this is a great way to treat your skin at home, without the effort of visiting an expensive facialist. With a 69% reduction of lines and wrinkles in just two months, it’s certainly worth a try! We love the sleek red packaging, too.




Countless skincare experts have stressed the importance of microdermabrasion, and now you can try it at home with this sophisticated salon-like system. By delivering a stream of natural crystals onto the skin, this device removes dead skin cells and improves the effects of sun exposure and ageing, leaving the skin soft and radiant. Each at-home treatment will cost you only ten minutes of your time and is suitable for all skintones.



Feature: Fiona Ward