Beauty News: Butter London’s WINK Colour Make-up Collection!


If you’re a modern-day woman looking for a modern-day makeover, look no further than Butter London!

Playing to their brand, Butter London’s new range consists of creamy butter-like formulas which melt together on the skin, in hand with some extremely vibrant shades for the darer in you! Whether you want subtlety or a rave-inspired do-over, mix and match within the range to find the best picks to suit your personality!

Cream Blush; £17.00

Forget powdered blushers, it’s all about creamy consistencies to achieve that bashful glow! The silky sheer cream is easy to blend with professional results being at the end of your fingertips! Simply dab onto your cheeks and blend for a subtle look or build up the colour to make a striking statement!

Cream Eye-shadow; £14.00 

This easy to apply eye-shadow is crease-free, helping to give you an intense look without any hassle! It comes in six bright, yet girly shades for peepers others won’t be able to take their eyes off of! Simply sweep across the lid and build up the colour to achieve a handful of different looks!

Eye Pencil; £14.00

The two key things to look for in an eye-pencil are long-lasting wearability and soft kohl! Well, Butter London doesn’t fail on either part…the soft formula glides on effortlessly and is waterproof so it resists the natural moisture of the eye for long-lasting put! The pencil gives stunning colour and you can create precise lines for a wide-eyed look of love!

Mascara, £15.00

Yes, you may not want to stray away from the classic black mascara, but dare to be different with one of Butter London’s new mascara’s! In four lively tones, you can add a touch of drama to any look! The highly pigmented formula gives long-lasting colour, so why not stroke on some colour for your next night out!

Tinted Balm, £14.00

With the moisture of a balm but the colour intensity of a lipstick, your lips will stay chap-free but luscious-looking this winter! In six shades which highlight the glow of all different skin tones, you’re sure to find the perfect match for you!

News: Heidi Fox