Beauty News: Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Love Collection

Everyone loves a new fragrance, so this Dolce&Gabbana Velevet Collection is bound to get beauty lovers super excited. Consisting of six brand new scents, this collection takes inspiration from the tradition of luxury. Each perfume has been created individually by a designer and bares a reference from the influences that have come from the designer themselves.

 This authentic collection focuses on vintage Italian ingredients, offering a superb collection of timeless scents…

 Velvet Wood


Taking inspiration from lacquered wood, this exotic blend uses rich ebony wood, evoking benzoin notes and refined black leather for an oriental woody finish.

 Velvet Patchouli


Rich and musky, the key ingredients to this scent are patchouli, kephalis and musk. It creates a strong, statement perfume.

 Velvet Vetiver


Capturing summer in a bottle, this elegant fragrance mixes galbanum, fig and vetiver together for a light and alluring essence. Its classic woody finish is likened to the scents of the Mediterranean summer.

 Velvet Desire


This floral delight uses gardenia, frangipani and tuberose for a light and delicate fragrance. Desire is a rich, white floral scent that oozes with a sophisticated and feminine finish.

 Velvet Love


One for the romantic souls, this has been inspired specifically by the carnations of Lake Como and is a spicy number. It combines pepper, carnation and ylang ylang together for an exhilarating and unique fragrance.

 Velvet Sublime


Focusing on the rich, juicy orange groves of Sicily, this is a vibrant and floral blend. Its sunny scent of mandarin, neroli and orange flower will brighten up even the most miserable days.