Beauty News: Guerlain Takes Femininity and Seduction to a New Level with their New AW13 Collection!

Inspired by the idea that every woman’s desire is: ‘to be beautiful and play the game of seduction’, Guerlain’s latest collection mixes big mysterious eyes with glossy sensual lips so that every woman can feel at her best! The design of the collection is seductive, with each product being coated in a dotted Swiss veil to show the mystery and beauty of the abstract woman the range is based on; her name is Madame…

Madame Rougit 4-Colour Blush, (£42)

If you, like Madame, desire a fresh and radiant complexion, this 4-colour blush allows you to blend different shades of pink giving a feminine emphasis to your look. Tailored to all skin-types, this blusher is soft and light and can be swept across the cheekbone to illuminate and define.

L’ecrin 2 Couleurs Eyeshadow, (£30)

For stand-out seductive eyes, try Guerlain’s colour fusion eye-shadows. The eight different compacts consist of two colours with two different textures which have intense pigments for vibrant effects. One side matte and the other shimmery help you to achieve any look!

The Eye Pencil, (£18)

After shadowing, try this all-in-one kohl pencil for high-impact colour with a vinylesque shine! If you, like Madame, want it all, this is a long-lasting and water-resistant pencil to ensure that your look lasts all day, resisting heat and emotion. The silky smooth wax combined with intense pigments will brighten your eyes ensuring you captivate those who dare to look!

Le Rouge G De Guerlain 860, (£31) and Gloss D’enfer 860 (£22)

Purple hues are definitely the look of the season and Guerlain have ingeniously brought out a matching berry lipstick and gloss to help you achieve the perfect pout. The stick has a special formula; Ruby powder – for vibrant luminosity, pure pigments – for intense colour and hyaluronic acid spheres – for deep hydration, making your lips plump and full of seductive colour. To finish, use Guerlain’s gloss which is super fine and non-sticky, for promiscuous lips that are widely desirable!

Colour Lacquer 860, (£18)

The purple craze doesn’t stop there, get your hands on Guerlain’s fuschia nail varnish before it’s gone! The limited edition lacquer is easy to apply, gives even coverage and optimises colour retention, so your nails look as gorgeous as the rest of you!

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Feature: Heidi Fox