Beauty News: P&G Prestige Join Gucci Parfums to CHIME FOR CHANGE!


The community of people fighting together to give women a voice across the world is getting bigger and bigger!

CHIME FOR CHANGE was nobly founded in February 2013 by Gucci with the aim of raising funds and awareness to make a global change! That fortified change was to give every girl and woman, everywhere, a voice…

A confident voice to argue for the importance of education, an assertive voice in relation to receiving proper healthcare and a brave voice to stress the need for justice to be done when necessary! You see, Gucci have not only worked to empower women, but to unite and bond us together to make the world a better place to live in!

Gucci is proudly using its role as an influential brand to bring good to the world. They have massively helped to generate passion and drive awareness for CHIME FOR CHANGE by encouraging their fans to be the power behind the force! Customers are able to personally select a pillar – education, health or justice – and contribute to projects that empower women through purchasing one of Gucci’s must-have scents. Everyone’s a winner!

And since October, P&G Prestige have contributed further by collaborating with The Perfume Shop so that, with every Gucci Perfume sold, £2.00 will go directly to CHIME FOR CHANGE to help make a difference to women’s lives across the globe…

President of P&G Prestige, Joanne Crewes, said: “There has never been a moment like NOW for change, as the power of the media, social media and the internet means that people from every walk of life can be inspired by the progress of women’s empowerment, as well as understanding the inequalities facing women in society today…if we can motivate just a fraction [of our customers] to join CHIME FOR CHANGE, we can help build momentum to drive positive change!”

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