Beauty Review: 111SKIN Mandelic Peel, Harley Street, London


Review: Jamie Roberts

Located on the famous Harley Street, 111SKIN provides a plethora of non-surgical anti-ageing and corrective facials. I was booked in for the ‘clear + brilliant’ gentle laser facial, however after my warm welcome and consultation with facialist Milena, I was advised to go for a skin peel (Mandelic Peel) to focus on my key skin concerns.

Like many women in their late 20s I am still plagued by mild acne breakouts, early signs of sun damage, and unsightly pores. Whilst fine lines and wrinkles aren’t yet a problem I am well aware that my busy lifestyle in the polluted city air of London certainly won’t put the brakes on the ageing process! I have previously tried anti-ageing creams, keen to jump on the bandwagon early (surely prevention is better than cure?!) but have battled with the richness of creams and serums that just seemed to cause more acne breakouts.

When I heard about 111SKIN  I had to give it a try! Specialising in facial reconstructive surgery, Dr. Alexandrides and his team pioneered the 111SKIN range originally to promote quick healing for the sensitive skin of post-surgical patients. The unique NAC Y² formula uses space technology to provide potent healing ingredients, promoting a youthful and radiant appearance while offering unprecedented protection against environmental damage.

Milena seemed to know my skin type better than I did after just a few minutes of speaking to me and examining my skin. Having very sensitive, combination skin, she opted for the Mandelic skin peel, which typically treats hyper-sensitive skin and issues such as rosacea. What impressed me the most was Milena’s ability to custom the treatment specifically for me, including the use of 111SKIN products that she felt were most suited to my skin type.

She started by making sure I was comfortable, and applying a towel and hairband to protect my hair and clothing. The room was very sparse and spotlessly clean, which was perfect given the more scientific based approach to luxury skincare. Firstly she gently cleansed my skin with the Lift Off Purifying Cleanser, followed by gentle application of the chemical peel, to restructure and regenerate my skin. I was warned that this can tingle and sting slightly if you have very sensitive skin, so she monitored my skin closely after application and even fanned my skin afterwards to keep it cool and comfortable. The peel was removed after a few minutes, starting with the area around my nose and lips that is most sensitive.


Unlike some other procedures, the skin peels do not require any down time; in other words they will not leave your skin red or sore which was a huge bonus. After carefully removing the peel with warm cotton pads, Milena used the soothing Ground Control Anti- Blemish Tonic NAC Y² to cool and neutralise my skin. The tonic also stimulates renewal and reduces inflammation and breakouts before they even get to the skins surface. As if this wasn’t cooling and soothing enough I was then treated to a Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask, a film that moulds onto the face delivering instant hydrating and collagen producing nourishment to the face. The lights were dimmed at this stage and I was given 10 minutes to relax as the gorgeous and beautiful smelling ingredients did their work. Milena then removed the film and finished with a gentle massage of the much coveted Celestial Black Diamond Serum.

As I was handed the mirror I prepped myself for disappointment – after all, half an hour ago I had dull, dehydrated and lackluster skin. But when I looked in the mirror not only had the small pimples on my forehead and cheeks almost disappeared but my forehead appeared perfectly smooth, my pores refined and my complexion overall was radiant! For the first time I actually glowed, and looked rested and youthful! The facial actually improved areas I hadn’t noticed were an issue, and hours later I still feel smooth and healthy. I know that I need to let my skin breathe and rejuvenate itself but all I want to do is apply my makeup and see how easily it’ll glide on – for once I’m looking forward to getting up early to do just that.

These really are miracle products well worth their luxury price tags, and coupled with Melina’s expertise you are guaranteed to leave with a more youthful, clear complexion.

111SKIN Mandelic Peel

1 x treatment, 3 x Areas £300.

1 Devonshire Place | London | W1G 6HH | United Kingdom