Beauty Review: CACI Facial @ Mandara Spa, Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, London

Girl relaxing

Review: Katheryn Lewsey

On a busy, rainy evening in London, I headed to Southbank to visit the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge and experience their Mandara Spa. Created in Bali, this spa chain can be found all over the globe – including Malaysia and the Maldives – but London is its first European spot.

As soon as I stepped into its serene and peaceful atmosphere, I was transported a million miles away from the bustle of city life. With its dim lighting, Asian interiors and luxurious setting, it felt like I was somewhere tropical and hot, rather than a cold UK.

I was here to sample the CACI “facial toning” facial, a treatment that’s loved by a plethora of A-listers, including the beautiful Jennifer Lopez. And if it can work for Jenny from the block, it can definitely do something for little old me!

Meeting the lovely Francesca, I was led to the spa’s VIP room, which guests can hire for the day during their visit. Featuring candles, super comfortable sofas and a selection of fresh fruit, it’s well worth splurging out on this treat. I was left to change into a fluffy robe and slippers, before being led down to the treatment room.

Equally calming, this tranquil room was the perfect place for a pampering session. After a quick chat about my skin concerns, I relaxed back on the bed and shut my eyes, while Francesca gently removed all of the make-up from my face and cleansed with Elemis Rehydrating Rosepetal Cleanser – a great formula for dry skin. My skin was then refreshed with Elemis Rehydrating Ginseng Toner, which uses ginseng and Sweet Betty flower to nourish my face.

The CACI device was then applied to my face. Non-invasive, this tool is made up of soft cotton tipped wands to gently work 32 facial muscles and is described as a non-surgical facelift. Transmitting the microcurrent energy to the face, it helps to restore elasticity in the skin and improve tone in the muscles.

While it is largely used for mature skin, at 25-years-old, my complexion wasn’t quite ready for this side of the treatment. Instead, Francesca used it to gently exfoliate my face; helping to boost my circulation and restore the moisture in my skin. And with the weather being seriously cold, it was great for my dull and dehydrated complexion.

As the CACI was gently worked on my face and neck, I felt instantly relaxed and at ease – so much that I may have even nodded off at one point! My skin had also been suffering with a few blemishes lately, so Francesca concentrated on restoring and refining my complexion with the amazing Elemis SOS Emergency Cream, which reduced the redness.

Finishing things off, a generous layer of Elemis Hydra-Boost Day Cream was applied to my face, which made my skin feel super soft and smooth.

Feeling well-rested and rejuvenated from my gorgeous treatment, I made my way back to the VIP room to enjoy a glass of bubbly and fresh fruit. I walked out with glowing skin and a clearer complexion – proof that the CACI facial is well worth trying. /