Beauty Sneak Peek: Yves Saint Laurent ‘Opium’ Edition Collector



For those of you that love to entwine beauty with design, keep your eyes peeled this November for Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘Opium’ Edition Collector (and get it before it’s gone)!

Draped in a bold gold dressing, Yves Saint Laurent’s signature fragrance just got a bit more rebellious! As striking as laying your eyes on a stunning woman entering the room in a statement gold dress, this new coating embraces elegance and takes sensuality to a new level! A heart of transparency reveals the classic black chord keeping in touch with the foundation of the perfume; terribly OPIUM!

Still enclosed within are the luscious aromas of mandarin and bergamot, undernoted with Spicy Ambry Oriental notes to transform any woman in an instant! A floral bouquet of jasmine and carnations are handed over to add a feminine touch, followed by warm remnants of vanilla absolute and amber. On the skin, the fusion in total, exhilarates the senses and takes you to the summit of ecstasy!


Available from 6th November at

Heidi Fox