Interview With… Mark Hill, Celebrity Hairdresser


Groomed & Glossy caught up with Britain’s favourite hairdresser, Mark Hill, whose worked magic on the locks of some of the world’s biggest celebrities, won awards for his talents and has spoken very humbly of his family life and his unbelievable transition from child to hairdressing legend. Here’s what he had to say…

Interview: Heidi Fox

How old were you when your hairdressing career kicked off?

When I was 15, I got my first Saturday job in a hairdressing salon.  The main reason for taking the job was purely because my boss always seemed to be surrounded by gorgeous ladies!  After a very short space of time, I knew hairdressing was the job for me. 

Who, or what, inspired you to become a hairdresser?

Once I knew I wanted to be a hairdresser, my parents had a huge influence in my career.  They supported me totally and gave me the self-belief that I could follow my dream.  I found inspiration in art and culture, watching people always inspired me.  I grew up in the eighties when pop culture defined the decade with ground breaking fashions and style.    

You launched your first batch of products over 13 years ago, do you have a favourite from your collection and why?

Wow, it would be really difficult to choose just one!the one product I would take would be Work it Girl Spray.This BB spray is an all-rounder adding shine, control, heat protection.  It’s also a great humidity blocker.  I use it on my clients before heated appliances like Straighteners or a Magic Wand as it gives the hair great hold and shine, and the style real staying power. 

Earlier this year, you launched your range in America which you described as “a dream come true” – do you plan to sell your products elsewhere in the world? 

This year has been unbelievable.  As well as launching in the USA, we’ve also launched into Hong Kong, Thailand, The Gulf, Singapore and Malaysia.  In each country the products have been met with incredible support and already, each country has their favourites – in Thailand they love ‘Quick Fix Dry Shampoo’, Hong Kong love ‘Love Big Hair’ and the Gulf love MiracOILicious. 

Are you planning on doing a new range anytime soon?

We are constantly developing products and looking for new innovations in ingredients and packaging.  I think by mixing my time between glamorous celebrity events and styling my regular salon clients puts me in a unique positionI get to hear what my customers want at first-hand and actually have the ability to create products that shape trends and deliver up to the minute results.  That’s why you’ll find a product for every hair type, texture and style.  All of the products are salon quality and I only ever use Mark Hill products in the salon, catwalk shows an on celebrity shoots. 

Watch out for a really exciting new range in the New Year – I wish I could tell you more but my lips are sealed! 

You aim to make women look gorgeous and feel special – how important is this in today’s society?

Looking good is important to everyone no matter who you are or where you live.  It’s not about what other people think of you, it’s how you feel about inside.   You know that feeling you get when you walk out of a salon and you feel like a million dollars – I want everyone to have that feeling every day.  I want to give women the right tools for the job and the knowledge they need to style their hair at home so they can feel good every day!  

What advice would you give to achieve ‘celebrity status’ hair?

There are a couple of great tips I can share so anyone can have ‘celeb status’ hair. 

The first is condition.  Hair in great condition has a natural shine, lots of body and feels gorgeous.  Really take care of your hair by using regular conditioning treatments, always using a heat protection product and making sure you have regular trims. 

The second tip is versatility.  If you have a style with which you can play around with, you are less likely to do anything drastic to your style you may regret.  Flip your parting to the other side, try curls or waves, put your hair up, just have fun with your hair and don’t be frightened to try a new style. 

You have won an outstanding amount of awards…but, what is your proudest moment yet?

Winning British Hairdresser of the Year for the first time was amazing –  it had always been one of my goals to win the award  and the night was made even more special by my family and friends being there.  My only regret was my wonderful mum wasn’t there to see me win.   

What would be your three desert island essentials?

My wife and 2 gorgeous girls!  I’d build a big sandcastle for us all to live in and we’d eat coconuts all day long! 

If you didn’t become a hairdresser, which career route would you have taken?

I love art and design and as a real stickler for detail, I think I would have chosen a career as a fashion designer or architect.  I loved design and creating artwork at school and still enjoy spending down time drawing or painting.  I always have a mini art pad and pencil with me so I can write or draw any inspiring ideas that come into my head or I see on my travels.