Fantasy Fashion: Why Don’t You…?

By Jay Timms

Why Don’t you…well, why don’t you?? Life is too short so one may as well embrace it to its full potential!! This weekly column is about living in a world of complete fantasy, where money is no object and luxury has no limits. Inspired by infamous fashion editor Diana Vreeland’s 1930’s typically colourful “Why Don’t You?” column, where she expressed any whim she had about life and fashion. This is modern  version which we hope it can convey the same magic its historical counterpart created!

“Don’t just be your ordinary dull self. Why don’t you be ingenious and make yourself into something else?”Diana Vreeland




Why don’t you…Have a biblical dress up day and pretend to be joseph and his amazing Technicolor dream coat. Wear this Fabulous Hand-Painted Python Trench by Salvatore Ferragamo. Stun the public as Joseph stunned the Israelites with this coat that was truly given to man as a gift from god.








Hand-Painted Python Trench