Fashion News: Kate Hudson for Ann Taylor


Kate Hudson has sent an inspiring message for working mothers in her new fall campaign for Ann Taylor.

Hudson is a fashion guru, an actress, a businesswoman and a mother-of-two and this latest campaign can best be described by the woman herself, “This campaign is my favorite so far. It’s a glimpse into my life and the full, busy lives women live every day. We are constantly striving for balance. We want to excel at our jobs, be there for our families and look and feel fabulous doing it.”

This is not the first time that the pair has collaborated, as the actress has been the face of the Ann Taylor brand since 2012, and Hudson even has her own collection.

Head of Design Lisa Axelson has revealed why the duo collaborate so well, “Kate approaches her life in the same way the women at Ann Taylor do”

“She has responsibilities that transcend the workplace and she gives her all every day and looks amazing every step of the way, making meaningful decisions to maintain her wonderful, whirlwind lifestyle. Being a working mother myself, I truly admire her.”

Not only is this Hudson’s favourite campaign, but ours too! The reason for this is that the fall campaign shows Hudson looking so at ease in front of the camera, as a working mother with the lead shot including the actress laughing alongside her nephews in the kitchen—rather than focusing on a more corporate aspect.

Fashion photographer Mikael Jansson has done a fantastic job of portraying a story that we think closely resembles Hudson’s real life, but also that of a clever, inspiring and powerful women who somehow manages to remain stylish during their busy schedules and duties of motherhood.

The ads are filled with positivity, with inscriptions such as, “We live, work, and play in the moment” sending the resounding message to women worldwide that they can really have it all.

Hudson revealed to Women’s Wear Daily, “It’s a little bit about how I live and a lot about how women live every day.”

“As working moms, we’re all just figuring it out as we go, right? But if I were to offer my advice, I’d say, try to be present. When you’re at your job, be 100 percent committed to it and do the very best you can.”

“And when you go home at night, leave all the work behind and show up completely for your family. That’s the best part of your day, so really be there.”

The new clothing looks are incredible and we cannot wait to see what else is coming from this fantastic and inspiring collaboration.

Feature: Cailyn Cox