Featured Review: Bio Extracts Bespoke Skincare

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Review: Jennifer Bonfield

When I heard about this new skincare innovation I was more than a little excited. Bio – Extracts is a revolutionary approach to bespoke skincare where a moisturizer is hand mixed on each application with doses of solution-specific boosting serums. There is a choice of three moisturizers (light, normal or rich) designed to offer maximum nourishment to each skin type. With your selected moisturizer you then choose your booster serum from a selection of nine different formulas including Anti-Wrinkle boost, Glow boost, Redness Relief boost, Pore Minimizing boost and a Hydro boost to mix together and create customizable, targeted treatments.


Each booster comes in ‘syringe’ style tube, simply choose your moisturizer (light, rich, normal), dispense a couple of pumps into the plate of the cream jar (the jars are airless so you can only pump formula out which means non-contamination and ensures each application is super fresh) and then add shots of your boosters, you can add just the one or you can mix up to four different doses of the boosters to create a truly bespoke formula. If you skin is feeling dry but you also want a powerful anti-aging shot simply mix a dose of the Hydro booster and a shot of the Anti-Wrinkle booster to your chosen moisturizer. Each application is made from scratch so you only use the amount that is needed for that particular application. Simply mix your tailored formula together on the plate with your index finger and voila! – high-tech skincare in a flash!


The beauty of this concept is that day-to-day your skin needs can change and although we might generally only need to target specific concerns, this really is a unique experience to be able to so finely tailor your skincare needs in your daily skincare regime.


I opted to for the ‘light’ moisturizer with doses of Hydro boost and Glow boost in the daytime, and for a little more overnight nourishment I opted for the ‘rich’ cream with a dose of Anti-Wrinkle boost before bedtime to give my skin some serious reparative action. The formulas are silky to the touch and sink into the skin without any greasy after feel – I was impressed. The concept I admit at first sounded a little like ‘faffing around’ but it’s surprising how quickly I became accustomed to mixing my bespoke formulas in a matter of seconds each morning and night (this also means each application is totally fresh). This could well be the start of an exciting new skincare revolution and divert our entire approach away from ready-made skincare solutions.


Creams @ £27, Boosters @ £19.50, Sets with deals for multi buy

Available now from QVC and www.bio-extracts.co.uk