Salon Review: K Fusion by L’Kerabelle at Sejour, Sloane Square, London


Review: Katheryn Lewsey

Over the years, battling my frizzy hair has led to an unhealthy addiction to straighteners and a cupboard brimming with lock smoothing products. And there’s not a chance in hell that I’d ever step outside without a trusty brolly. So when I was invited to try out L’Kerabelle’s smoothing K Fusion treatment, needless to say I jumped at the chance.

Describing itself as a safer alternative to the Brazilian Blow Dry, K Fusion is free from the likes of nasty chemicals such as formaldehyde and urea, meaning it’s a treatment that’s a lot kinder to your strands. Plus it piles in plenty of lock-loving ingredients such as protein, hydrolysed keratin and argan oil.

But how does it work? Well, it boosts the smoothness of your mane by softening and bending the bonds in hair, which helps to seal in cuticles. Due to this, your barnet is going to be softer and smoother for a whole four months. However, it’s essential that you wash your hair with sodium chloride free shampoo and conditioner to maximise this.

I popped down to London-based salon Sejour in Sloane Square to experience the treatment myself. To begin with, my strands were washed with L’Kerbelle’s Clarifying Shampoo, a paraben-free formula that gently cleanses greasy tresses. Next, I was taken upstairs, where the actual K Fusion treatment was carefully applied to my strands.

I then sat back and relaxed with magazines and a cuppa while I waited for it to work its magic. During this time, my hairdresser returned to comb through the product to ensure an even and thorough coverage.

After washing out the treatment, my mane was blow-dried into a super sleek and straight finish. Not stopping there, it was then meticulously straightened to reveal the smoothest, straightest hair I’ve ever seen.

My hair couldn’t be washed for 48 hours post-treatment, but once this time was up, I couldn’t wait to see how my mane would go. The results were even better than I anticipated – the time it takes to dry my strands was halved and styling is a much easier task. But the best part? Not a single frizz in sight – just smoother and softer hair. I’m wondering why I didn’t try it sooner…

K Fusion is available from salons nationwide. You can find your nearest salon by visiting or calling: 020 8207 2591

Sejour |  Sloane Square | 3 Bray Pl | London |  SW3 3LL