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How to create more space in your small apartment

Living in a cute but compact apartment often demands a little bit of creativity. Along with finding enough space to store your belongings, you’ll need to keep everything tidy and create a comfortable spot.

From the kitchen to your bedroom, it’s still possible to design an inviting space that feels just like home – even when space comes at a premium. With the strategies we’ve listed below, you can make a start on making your apartment feel much bigger.


  • Use vertical space

Vertical space is one of the most overlooked and underutilised areas in apartments and flats.

High walls offer so many opportunities for storage and decoration without taking up floor space. From shelves and hooks to cabinets high on walls, you can tailor a new storage solution to the physical shapes and textures in your apartment.

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Floating shelves above doorways make a great place to start. Think about how to make the most of tall bookcases and mall-mounted units, helping you to keep things organised. Don’t forget to make them easy to access, though: you might not always have a stepladder handy!


  • Try over-bed storage

Don’t overlook the space above your bed! Over-bed storage is a great solution for tidying away things you don’t use every day.

From carefully piled books and CDs to your favourite photos in frames, you could create a cute display on a shelf above your bed. Alternatively. You could consider an ottoman-style bed with storage compartments underneath. Using the floor or wall space near your bed for storage maximises the available space in your room and keeps all the essentials within easy reach.


  • Choose multifunctional furniture

Investing in furniture that can be used in more ways than one is a savvy move if you live in a small apartment. If you check online marketplaces for bargains, try to keep an eye out for pieces that serve more than just one purpose.

In the living room, for example, an ottoman that doubles as a storage box could be a valuable addition to the room. Folding furniture, including stackable chairs and drop-leaf tables, help your space to gain versatility and give you more control over how you use it. You can truly make the most of every square metre with multifunctional furniture.


  • Tidy up whenever you can

Different people have different tolerance levels for clutter. While some accept it as part of everyday life, others might quickly feel overwhelmed. If you’re already busy or distracted, a cluttered environment can cause stress and leave you feeling overwhelmed.

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As well as benefitting your mental health, regular decluttering will help to avoid a smaller apartment feeling overcrowded. It’s worth frequently clearing and rotating the things you keep on your worksurfaces, in your drawers and inside the cupboards too. This will make sure that you’re only keeping what you need, helping you to make the most of your apartment.


Creativity and organisation in equal measure

Keeping a small apartment tidy is no easy task. But when you choose multi-functional furniture, keep things tidy and use creative storage solutions, you can make the most of your floor space and leave more room for activities. Whether it’s dancing in the kitchen or watching movies on the sofa, keeping things tidy lets you do it all.