Interview: Gabriela Hersham 

Gabriela Hersham

British born actress, and regular face on London’s fashion circuit, Gabriela Hersham, is certainly one to watch! After studying theatre at Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, in New York City, she was soon offered numerous roles, including a role in A Happy Ending, alongside Sopranos star, Lou Martini JR. Gabriela has appeared in several short fashion films for young London designers, such as Nonoo Lyons, Colette London, and Mechante of London. She has already appeared in many independent films, and is currently working on her new, lead role in American Gypsy, which we simply can’t wait to see.

We caught up with Gabriela to talk film, fashion and Doc Martens!

Have you always been interested in acting?

Yes, since I was a child. I used to dress my brother Alex up in fancy dress when we were kids. He would invariably play the less desirable of the roles, to my leading glory. Actually, it was more like a one woman show, with Alex just dressed up and watching on from the sidelines for support.

What sparked your love for film?

I truly became passionate about film when I was at acting school. Our teachers would always list examples of films you’d feel like a right buffoon if you hadn’t seen and ever since I’ve kept lists of films to see on my phone. My love for independent film in particular also stemmed from the same days. I remember watching Maria Full of Grace when I was at Strasberg because I had been told that Catalina Sandino Moreno, the lead actress, was at Strasberg a few years earlier. I don’t know if was true or not, but it was such a brilliant film that alongside Malena, it sparked my love for independent and foreign language films.

Do you have any projects in the pipeline at the moment that you are particularly excited about?

Yes, I’m heading out to the states to film a TV series called Jane Doe, which I did the pilot for last year. That’s going to be fun because I know the producers really well and I’ve also worked with the other actors in the show before.

Who is your fashion icon?

Dita von Teese

How would you describe your personal style?

I always say that my style is reflective of the mood I’m in. The best days to ask me for something – be it a favour, input, or just a bit of advice – are normally days when I’m wearing light colours or something romantic like flowers. Beware very much when I’m dressed in black, mesh, spikes or Doc Martens. On second thoughts, that’s kind of what I wear everyday. My poor husband…

What was your last fashion purchase?

Doc Martens.

What’s your must-have item for Spring/Summer this year?

Black and white Doc Marten shoes that they’re selling over at Dover Street Market.

What is your biggest fashion disaster?

Um, there have been loads. I was a child of the 90’s! Kaleidoscope hotpants and Buffalo platforms were the biggest mistakes of yesteryear. More recently I wore a pair of sheer beach trousers (perfectly suitable for a yoga retreat in Goa) out to dinner and a club in London a few months ago.

Your favourite places to shop?

Dover Street Market and Topshop.

Do you have any pieces in your wardrobe that you just could not live without?

Yes, a black leather jacket from Balenciaga that I was given years ago. Other than that, I’m not precious with my clothing.

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