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Review: Jamie Roberts


On the hottest couple of days of the year so far I couldn’t have been happier that I was having eyelash extensions. What girl doesn’t dream of waking up and not having to apply make-up?!A hint of my mineral makeup powder and voila-ready for the day!

With salons in Clapham North and Clapham Junction, ‘So Me’ were very helpful and invited me to come to the Clapham North salon for my glue patch test for my convenience, as the Clapham Junction premises where I would be having my lashes is slightly further away. They quickly applied the tiny tester behind my ear 24 hours before my lash appointment.

The day of my pampering was so hot and I was relieved to arrive to a bright and inviting salon, fan blowing and gorgeous cucumber and mint infused cold water waiting for me. Feeling perfectly cooled after a few minutes in reception I was greeted by my therapist Nav who took me to one of the small beauty rooms for my treatment.

To start we had a short consultation where I explained that I had never had lash extensions before. Nav looked at the colour, length and curl of my natural lashes and together with my request for the ‘natural look’ she opted for a shorter length lash and started my applying a half set (a less dense look that she explained we could add to if I wanted-as they can be added to but not removed!)

The actual treatment was as comfortable as it could be, I was laid down on a bed with a cool fan blowing and cooling gel pads below my eyes for protection. As I couldn’t really talk to ensure I stayed still during the intricate application of individual lash extensions to my own lashes, I was happy to relax and enjoy the background music. Nav kept checking I was ok and was very gentle. After approximately 30mins of working away to give me flutter-worthy eyes Nav sat me up and gave me a mirror to see them. They looked great and she asked if I would like some extra lashes in the mid to outer area, which would give me a 3/4 set, perfect for a first timer. I agreed with her expertise, and 20mins later my look was complete! The first time I opened my eyes they did burn slightly and feel a tad watery but Nav gave me a tissue and assured me it was normal and would pass. I was taken back to reception where I was offered another drink, and I happily sat with a peppermint tea whilst I waited for 10minutes for my eyes to settle before venturing out into the sunshine once more.
Nav gave me a clean mascara brush to ‘detangle’ the lashes from the following day if they became slightly wonky during the night. She also advised me that although I could use make up, to avoid removers and creams with oil in to prolong the lash life, which she said should last a few weeks at least. Sadly after a few days I already lost a few, and these weren’t attached to my own lashes as Nav had said was how they would drop. I actually avoided eye makeup altogether so I’m not sure how I lost them more quickly, perhaps I was too liberal with my face creams. But despite this they seem to have dropped very evenly, so even though they have thinned they still look great and I have had many people asking me what mascara I use which means I achieved the natural look I was after!

Without a doubt eyelash extensions are a perfect summer treat, my only concern being that without them I’ll feel so bare-this could well have become a new part of my beauty routine-fill ins are always a regular option and never would I have to battle with finding the perfect mascara. Ladies be warned-once you go LASH you’ll NEVER go back!


Eyelash Extensions Full Set- £75

Half Set- £55

Infill- From £35

Lash Flicks- £25

Lash Removal- £12


21 Clapham High St | Clapham | London | SW4 7TR