Milan Fashion Week: Moschino S/S’14


The Moschino show was most definitely a highlight of Milan Fashion Week, with Rosella

Jardini continuing the legacy of Franco Moschino so perfectly, keeping the anti-fashion values

of Moschino well and truly alive. Kicking off the show were some iconic faces wearing iconic

Moschino pieces; we saw the likes of Pat Cleveland, Violetta, Amalia and Gisele rocking

pieces from the archives. Along with the success of Channel 4’s Fabulous Fashionistas

programme, the older models walking in the Moschino show could be a sign of thing to come

for older models being used more in the industry.

The show was based around the idea of good girls versus bad girls, with models stepping

out in pairs, one representing the good, and the other bad. The iconic brass lettered belts

made an appearance multiple times, but this time spelling out Bad Girl and Good Girl. Maybe

this was just in case the devil horns and large, halo style, bow headdresses weren’t a dead

giveaway. With half the models sporting thick eyeliner and slicked down hair, the other half

wore cutesy French braids and nude faces. Some were even in black lace eye-masks next to

models looking overly prim in tiaras.

The collection was primarily black and white, with hints of red, in the form of some beautiful

vintage style, rose prints and polka dots. In contrast to the demurely dressed beauties, there

were models flashing lacy lingerie beneath open jackets, paired with tiny hot pants. A pair of

nun inspired outfits kicked off the collection, complete with rosary beads, followed by sweet

50’s style pieces.

Rosella Jardini put on such an exciting show, taking us on a trip down the Moschino

memory lane. With such an interesting theme, and so many enviable ensembles, we are still

undecided whether we will be good girls this spring/summer, or going all out to embrace our

inner bad girl!

Feature Lucy Dixon