Travel News: Kata Rocks Private Cave Dining Experience In Thailand
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News: Evie J Plumb
Kata Rocks is a luxury, award winning boutique resort and residence, located along Phuket’s west coast. With extraordinary tropical views, the hotel is located near Kata, a clean-cut resort town, popular with the yachting crowd, It boasts 34 stunning Sky Villas with a large, private infinity-pool and spacious living areas.
Kata Rocks has just announced it’s brand new cave dining experience. With stunning private dining facilities it is the ideal venue for a memorable, romantic evening that brings you the finest wine, delicious cuts of meat and a wide range of cheeses.
To celebrate the opening of this unusual private dining experience, guests are able to indulge into the Kata Rocks’ interactive gourmet tasting experience as well as explore the Kata Rocks’ wine and cheese class. You will be taught the subtle secrets of cheese and wine making, within the idyllic surroundings of Thailand.
The cave dining experience will host imported wines including Fume Blanc from the Loire Valley France, Riesling from the Mosel Germany and Chateneuf du pape by the glass. Your taste buds will also take a new journey with Thai produced cheeses such as Chiangrai Mountain, Blue de Chianrai and Goat Crottin de Chiangrai. With a wide choice of more than 300 different wines located from more than 10,000 grape varieties across the globe, Kata Rocks cave dining experience which encourages guests to reach out of their comfort zone.