Get you and your family prepared ahead of the clocks going back at the end of this month (25.10), with JOHNSON’S Baby and brand ambassador, Tom Daley. Father and Olympic diver Tom Daley has partnered with JOHNSON’S to help provide parents with tips and tricks on creating and maintaining a bedtime routine in line with the approaching lighter mornings and darker evenings.

As an athlete, Tom has always been familiar with implementing a routine, but never more so than now, revealing: 

‘now as a parent I have realized the importance of routines and structure, because our son Robbie absolutely loves the fact that he knows his routine, he knows what structure he has in his life and especially when it comes to bedtime.’


To mark the clock change, Tom has shared his top tips and tricks for getting your child to sleep better:

  1. Make sure you’re nice and prepared ahead of bedtime, ensure the room is dark and you have everything you need lined up

  2. Always read your child the same book last, so they know that this is the ‘bedtime book’

  3. Sing the same song every night (for us it’s Twinkle Twinkle)

  4. Encourage independence

  5. Get a routine nailed down as a quickly as possible, the sooner and earlier you get a bedtime routine in place, the sooner baby will be able to sleep through the night.

JOHNSON’S also understand the benefits of a good night’s sleep. That’s why they’ve developed a Bedtime routine that is clinically proven to help your baby sleep better. With over a decade of scientific partnerships with behaviour and sleep experts, JOHNSON’S know just how important a good night’s sleep is to the overall health, cognitive ability and the mood of your little one—as well as the happiness of the whole family.

Follow the JOHNSON’S 3-Step Routine below:

Step 1: Warm Bath: Bath time is the perfect, relaxing way to start baby’s pre-bed routine. Use a baby wash with a calming and familiar scent, such as the JOHNSON’S Bedtime Bath.


Step 2: Gentle MassageFollow bath time with a soothing baby massage, the perfect way to make baby feel secure, loved and readyfor sleep. Use a baby lotion with a relaxing scent, such as JOHNSON’S Bedtime lotion, to soothe before bed.


Step 3: Quiet Time: Finally, send little one off into the land of nod with a little quiet time. Keep the atmosphere calm and cozy and helpbaby wind down further by reading, singing or playing a lullaby.


Check out the JOHNSON’S Bedtime baby sleep app which helps you track and learn about your baby’s sleep habits and provides a sleep-analysis tool with recommendations on how to help improve your baby’s sleep.



*Routine consists of bath, massage and quiet time. Tested on babies 7months+. 1 week+ use.