This post was created in partnership with Yoto Player 


Created by parents who were concerned about the effects of excess screen time for young children, Yoto Player is a carefully connected screen-free speaker, controlled by special physical cards, and has an associated parental controlled app, for simple set up, and ease of use, including step by step instructions for pairing the device to your home wifi. The Player offers an innovative and safe introduction to the concept of a Smart Speaker, with no camera, microphone or ads.

There’s a built-in battery for portable play, and a clever magnetic dock to re-charge. The physical cards come pre-loaded with stories, music, activities, podcasts, radio and sound effects, which can be purchased via the Yoto Player website. From Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton classics, to Sounds for Sleep and Mindfulness Meditation, simply insert the card to play and remove to pause. There’s also an option to make your own cards, making a playlist from music files on your computer, or even get grandparents to record bedtime stories.

As there are only 3 buttons, the Yoto Player is extremely easy for children to use. Other features also include Yoto radio, which is curated and programmed by the Yoto team, to bring you the best in music for children for free. Yoto Daily delivers exclusive free content to your Player every day. You can choose a clock for your player, and set the night-time and day-time, to display the sun or moon at the right time for your child, and when turned onto its front, the speaker also acts as a nightlight, which is customisable via the Yoto app.

Free of distractions and screen time, the Yoto Player is not only a great way to encourage engagement through audio and storytelling, it’s also guaranteed to also become your child’s favourite sleeping companion.