Salon Review: Cutting Room Creative, Leeds

Heidi Fox


Boldly placed in the centre of Leeds stands Cutting Room Creative; a family-run business and Colour Specialist Salon which has won prestige awards for its expertise in different hair-types and colour results! It’s no wonder I was so excited to pay them a visit!

After my colour consultation a week before with bubbly colour specialist Susie, I knew that I was in for a treat! I was a difficult client from day one with overly damaged, murky blonde hair slapped on in highlights! My hair needed some TLC, and Susie knew exactly where to start. She passed me onto Brooke and Chelsea, two ambitious hairdressers, who gently cleansed my hair without using bleach to get rid of those mismatched highlights. A pre-colour followed to prevent colour fading before the actual hair colour was applied. The process was a long one (due to my overly-difficult barnet) but with a selection of glossy magazines to choose from, great service and several complimentary lattes, I was one happy client!

When the final colour was applied, Brooke led me into one of my favourite rooms of the day – The Shu Uemura Ceremony Room! The room was romanticized with red and black coating, along with the scattering of scented candles to achieve total relaxation! I was seated in a massage-chair and given a super-indulgent head massage using only the best products – such as a Shu Uemura Full Shimmer Mask, which kept my hair shiny for days! This was easily my favourite part of the day as for half an hour; I was in my own world of bliss. Brooke washed off the colour to reveal an autumnal copper shade with a hint of red which made me look twice in the mirror. Could that be me? I instantly looked warmer, more glam and felt extremely happy that I laid my trust in Susie’s qualified colour knowledge as she’s given me the perfect look for the season ahead!

I was then passed onto Sam, who actually knew the meaning of a trim!! He chopped away at my hair, keeping the length but cut in a Sienna Miller type curtained fringe, which complimented my face shape and desire for change! He blow-dried my hair (in a way that I’m still practicing, and possibly will never get right, sigh) to reveal casually coiffed catwalk locks! Using products from their popular lines – L’Oreal, Shu Uemura and Kerastase – my hair felt conditioned, lifted and luxurious and the lovely team couldn’t compliment my new look more! I felt so good; I met my friends immediately for dinner to show off my new do! One things for sure, in 6 weeks, I’ll be back CRC!

Leeds City,

80 Albion Street,

Leeds, LS1 6AG


0113 269 7070