Salon Treatment Review: Olaplex at ColourNation, Oxford Street, London


Review: Kathryn Lewsey

We’re all aware of the damage that can occur from colouring our hair, but it doesn’t stop most of us from doing it, right? When you want to take the plunge and switch your locks from a chocolate brown to platinum blonde, suffering from broken strands after is generally the price we all have to pay.

So, here at Groomed & Glossy HQ, we were pretty intrigued to hear about Olaplex, a treatment that’s been developed to strengthen your hair bonds and repair broken barnets. And with Kim Kardashian even hailing it as the reason why she could swap her black hue for an icy blonde, I was desperate to find out more.

While I love my blonde balayage locks, I’m well aware of the downside to using bleach. Achieving the colour I want means the strength of my strands has to suffer and I’m often faced with the problem of dry, damaged hair.

I popped down to ColourNation to meet Grant and sample the treatment for myself. Located on a road off Oxford Street, I entered the friendly salon and was offered a cup of tea before sitting down with Grant. After assessing my mane, I was taken over to the sinks where the action began.

Olaplex is basically a super intensive conditioning treatment that repairs the bonds in your hair’s structure and helps to prevent damage and breakage. This is mainly caused by colouring your hair, but heat damage can also play a part.

The two-step process begins with the Olaplex Bond Multiplier, which was applied all over my barnet and left for five minutes. Next, Grant came over and covered my hair in the Bond Perfectors. After ten minutes of flicking through magazines and drinking tea, the treatment was washed out. All in all, it was a pretty speedy process, so it’s great when you’re time poor but in desperate need of a barnet boost.

On this particular occasion I wasn’t getting my hair coloured, but if I was, the Olaplex can also be mixed in with the dye to prevent further damage.

Grant finished things off by giving my replenished mane a big and bouncy blowdry that boasted plenty of shine. My strands definitely felt softer after the Olaplex and I’ve noticed there are far less split ends than before. So it’s definitely worth a whirl if your locks are after some serious TLC.


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