Spa Review: London Marriot County Hall, Westminster


Located in the centre of London, this grand British hotel is a stone throw away from iconic attractions within the capital like the London Eye, the Royal Festival Hall and Tate Modern. But enough about that, as today we are concentrating purely on London Marriott’s County Hall heavenly spa.

 Arriving with my mum for a girly day out, we entered the breathtaking old-English style building and were pointed in the right direction for the spa area. Entering a dimly lit room that oozed tranquility, we were both immediately transported to a relaxed and chilled out vibe.

 We both opted for Decleor facials – a fab treatment for our faces that used an array of professional and effective Decleor products. After filling out the mandatory forms, we were each taken to individual treatment rooms that were super quiet and cosy.

 After getting comfortable on the self-heated and delightfully comfortable massage beds, I had a chat with my therapist about my skin concerns. The harsh winter meant that my skin was suffering from dryness, but I also had a few pesky blemishes that had appeared on my complexion. I was offered a facial that would feature two masks – one that would hydrate and nourish my skin, and one that would tackle the spot issue.

 To kick things off, I was treated to a gorgeous diagnostic back massage. Pure essential aromatherapy oils were gently massaged into my back and neck – this really helped me to unwind and prepare for the facial and meant that my therapist could gain a good insight into my skin type.

 Next up was the main event – the facial. My skin was deeply cleansed with a delicious smelling cleanser to remove all traces of make-up and imperfections. Then, a gentle exfoliator was applied, which helped to brush away any dead skin cells and leave my skin feeling super fresh – ideal for dryness too! The therapist then massaged a wonderful cream on to my face, this deeply nourished my skin, meaning it would be help to diminish dullness and provide a dewy finish.

 The two masks were then applied; my lovely facialist put both on at the same time, ensuring that each mask was applied to the relevant areas. I especially liked the self-heating Decleor mask, designed to purify the skin and deeply cleanse the pores. While this was working its magic, I was even treated to a comforting hand and arm massage – I don’t think I ever felt so relaxed! Finally, a soothing moisturiser was gently massaged into my skin, leaving it feeling super soft and hydrated.

 I left the room feeling replenished and refreshed, to find my mum also in a similar state. She received the same facial, yet there was more of a focus on her maturing skin, concentrating on banishing (her very few) fine lines and wrinkles.

 After our treatments, we continued our soothing day by spending time in the sauna, steam room and a few gentle lengths in the pool. The spa even has an impressive gym – but we weren’t quite in the mood for that!

 We stepped out of the hotel, almost forgetting that we were in central London, feeling super relaxed and rejuvenated; plus our complexions felt fresh, supple and super clean. For a day of professional pampering and luxurious treatments, this is a must-visit.


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Review: Kathryn Lewsey