Thai Square Spa, Covent Garden, London

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Review: Kathryn Lewsey

Situated in Covent Garden, Thai Square Spa is like a little oasis within the hustle and bustle of central London and instantly transports you to a relaxing and soothing environment.

Stepping in to its Thai-inspired deco made it feel like I was even in Thailand thanks to its authentic music and exotic touches. I was immediately greeted at reception and taken to an array of extremely comfortable chairs and cushions while filling out the mandatory spa form.

I was here to experience the spa’s gorgeous Mother Of Pearl treatment, which promises to relax the body and rebalance energy levels and after a hectic day I was looking forward to seeing what the results would bring.

Going with the traditions of a Thai spa, I was taken downstairs to the main area where I was asked to remove my shoes before entering and given a pair of super soft slippers. Consisting of seven treatment rooms and various spa facilities, I was instantly blown away by the gorgeous interior and calming effect the spa had. After changing to a wonderful fluffy white dressing gown, I made my way to a candlelit treatment room for my massage to begin.


To kick things off, my feet were soaked and scrubbed to relieve instant tension throughout my whole body. After a settling down on the massage bed, my therapist started to work the energising and fragrant scrub over my body. Concentrating on the arms, legs and back, this stunning smelling product gently brushed away any dead skin to keep my skin super soft and also help me relax.

This was then gently rinsed off so that the full body massage could get under way. The lovely therapist quickly worked out that there were plenty of knots and tension in my upper back area, so she concentrated on this particular issue. Showing complete professionalism, I was amazed as I felt the knots work up my back and bring me to an instant ease.

Of course, its Thai theme meant many techniques were traditional Eastern moves that you may not experience at other spas. But the methods seem to work better than anything I had experienced before and as my therapist carried out the treatment I felt extremely comfortable with her expert approach.

After my arms, legs and back had all been rejuvenated, the treatment was topped off with a blissful head massage. Given an eye mask to wear, I felt like I’d been taken to a hot, tropical climate as I relaxed and enjoyed the stress-lifting treatment.

Unfortunately a massage always goes way too quickly and it wasn’t long before my time was up. But upon leaving my entire body felt revitalised and refreshed, while previous tension had been instantly blasted. I even managed to stay calm and relaxed during the busy central line commute on my way home – proving this place is nothing short of a miracle.


25, Shelton Street. WC2H 9HW

020 7240 6090