Spa Review: The Dorchester Spa, Park Lane, London

Treatment: Carol Joy London Signature Facial

Review: Kay Frankland

 The Dorchester Spa - Reception


Walking down the glorious street of London that is Park Lane, you cannot miss the wonderful Dorchester hotel, with its grandiose entrance and stunning spring coloured flowers perfectly situated within the courtyard, a perfect start to your day. Upon arrival I was greeted by the receptionist who kindly invited me down to the spa. The receptionist took me into a luxurious changing room and she informed me that as a complementary part of my experience I could use the showers, steam rooms and relaxation suites (perfect if you want the ultimate relaxation experience). Even simply reclining in these opulent suites makes you feel like a million dollars, drapped luxe navy curtains cover all four walls, the chicist chez longue fill the room. An instant feeling of calm envelops you as the soothing mesmerising sounds of mystical world music plays softly in the background  – slowly allowing your mind to unwind.

The Dorchester Spa Relaxation Room

I was booked in for the Carol Joy London Signature Facial. Emma, my therapist came in to collect me after 10 minutes of relaxation. We entered the dimly lit treatment room which was oozing with tranquillity. Emma asked me to change whilst she waited outside. Then we began the treatment. To start with she cleansed my face and exfoliated to remove all the dead cells, she then used the light to test my skin and decide which products would best suit my tone. She decided for me that re-hydration of the skin was needed.

Using the unique Carol Joy IV Lifting Mask (a clay mask) she began to massage my face bringing new cells to the surface of the skin. Together with the mask and gentle movement of her hands she told me that this particular treatment works with the lymphatic and circulatory systems which in turn produces more collagen, so for all you ladies out there this is the perfect treatment for that healthy young skin we all want. Next was the oxygen jet which for me was the most refreshing and revitalizing part of the treatment, the soothing fresh cold spray felt like a weight had been lifted off my face. She next placed the Carol Joy Pure Collagen Mask  on my face and whilst this was working to re-hydrate the skin i was given a soothing foot massage. Throughout the massage Emma was asking me about my lifestyle and were there any particular parts of the body that stress was present, I told her I had problems with my neck and stomach so she decided to incorporate reflexology techniques (which were an addition to the booked treatment) with the massage, I felt invigorated. To finish off Emma gently massaged Carol Joy Forevermore serum into the face and neck, a lovely way to end such a wonderful uplifting experience. Just when i thought my relaxation experience was over, she kindly invited me back into the relaxation room where I was given fresh coconut and cucumber water along with some luxe pistachios biscuits, I was utterly satisfied. I walked back out of London’s most luscious spa with brighter skin and an instant glow – what more could a woman want?

Carol Joy London Signature Facial £120

The Dorchester

Park Lane, London
W1K 1QA UK  

0207 629 8888