Nicole Cottrell



I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with male grooming. Back in the day it was us girls who did all the fussing over our appearance and the men who sat around moaning for hours on end. But boy, how the tables have turned. Research conducted for Travelodge in 2011 revealed that men, on average, spend 81 minutes getting ready. Say what? That sounds a little excessive from where I’m standing. Now I’m all for a bit of an eyebrow pluck here and there, but a routine? Hell no.

Male grooming has become more popular what with the rise of the metrosexual, but there’s a fine line which shouldn’t be crossed. There are three key areas men should concentrate on when it comes to male grooming – plucking, shaving and complexion. We really don’t want to see the McDonalds logo growing on your eyebrows, so please boys, pluck those babies into shape. Don’t go overboard, but a little bit of maintenance never hurt a soul. We will also allow you to shave. Designer stubble will get a thumbs up too, but don’t go all Tarzan on us.

This is a bit of a controversial one, but for me, I like a bit of a tan on a man. The whole Edward Cullen thing might be appealing on screen, but in reality, it’s a no-no. Hold up before you scurry off though – sunbeds ONLY, but be careful because you don’t want to expose yourself to too many UV rays. If I catch you slapping on the St Tropez, or St Moriz should I say (student budget over here), you will not be in my good books. Girls are the only ones allowed to turn the sheets from sparkling white to muddy brown. Comprende?

Another thing that doesn’t float my boat – guyliner. Just because it’s available in the shops does not mean you should buy it. Nor does it mean you should steal it from our make-up bag. We will find out. Although we don’t want men using our make-up, keeping your skin in good condition is important regardless of gender. A good moisturiser is essential and I would pat any man on the back who moisturises religiously. It’s not a girl thing to do; it’s a sensible thing to do. Just nod, agree and moisturise, okay?

If it’s fully acceptable for girls to showcase the best version of themselves with the aid of a plethora of products, I suppose it’s only fair to introduce a little equality. Us girls make the process of getting ready long and complicated because that’s what we are as a gender – complicated. It’s a simple process though for the modern metrosexual; pluck your eyebrows, shave your chest, tell us we look pretty and we might just let you pinch our tweezers.

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