The Beauty Column: Autumn Beauty Trends: Sneak Peak

vampy lip

Lips are usually the main focus when it comes to A/W but next season it’s all about the eyes. Think big, bold and striking. From the eyelids to eyebrows, the bigger the better. Think Cara Delevingne style. Eyebrows frame your face and autumn is the perfect time to grow them out, get them thicker and go a little bit heavier.

When it comes to eyeliner, jet black winged eyeliner is the go-to look. Eyeliner can be tricky to master at times, but practise makes perfect. When you’re going heavy on the eyeliner, you don’t need to apply lashings of mascara. But if you want the full effect of course, grab your favourite brand and go all out.


Metallic eye makeup will also be at the forefront of the beauty scene in the coming months. Think smoky, grungy and a little bit edgy. This is the perfect chance to get smudging and blending to create a dark, defined look. Heavy duty products will be necessary to ensure your face is kept in place as the colder weather sets in. You can blend different hues or stick to a gun mental grey or something similar if you want a quick, simple and easy fix.

eyebrows and eyeliner

If dark and mysterious doesn’t tickle your fancy, some beauty brands are taking us by surprise and including pastels and brights into their autumn palettes. The likes of Bobbi Brown and Shiseido are mixing things up by completely revamping the typical seasonal norms. So if you start to feel a little bit nostalgic over summer, you don’t have to let go of the lights and brights just yet. You can push the greys and blacks aside for the time being and opt for something a little fresher.

Although lips might not be the main focus, they’re still important and autumn means nothing but vampy. Deep, dark reds and purples are perfect and you can create a killer look if you want to go heavy on the eyeliner too. If you want all the attention drawn to your eyes though, stick to a nude. But make sure your lips are well nourished and looked after as chapped lips beneath any colour is a big no-no.

More trends are set to emerge and take the beauty scene by storm but for now, a little sneak peek should point you in the right direction if you want to start to inject the next season into your makeup bag. If you know you shouldn’t really be treating yourself to anything new, seasonal beauty trends are always a good enough excuse.

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