Nicole Cottrell

cosmetic surgery 1

Gals, let’s just take a minute to address the fact that I’m as squeamish as hell. I can’t watch Casualty without feeling a little nauseous, so if you think you’re going to catch me going under the knife willy nilly, you’ve got another thing coming. Cosmetic surgery is a bit of a controversial subject, but considering it’s becoming increasingly popular with not only celebs, but the general public, I feel it’s something I should address.

So you’ve got three types of cosmetic surgery hopefuls. The first type are completely and utterly brainwashed into thinking celebs are the ready-made versions of perfection and subsequently beg their surgeon for Beyonce’s bum or Angelina Jolie’s lips. The second type are usually majorly subconscious about a facial feature and want to rectify what they perceive to be as ugly in order to feel a little less alien. And finally, the third type is the addict who told themselves they’d be happy once they got those DD’s but have since been caught in a downwards spiral of addiction.

cosmetic surgery 2

Don’t get me wrong, I know there are a whole host of reasons why both men and women want cosmetic surgery, but those three stereotypes are the ones that stand out most. For me, it comes down to two things. The want and the need. There are people who want bigger boobs or a smaller nose to make themselves look better but aren’t emotionally affected by their appearance, and there are those who genuinely feel they need cosmetic surgery because their existing appearance makes them feel worthless and ugly. Nobody can decide who feels what, nor can we say whether their decision is right or wrong, I mean, who are we to judge? What I do think is important is to ensure each decision is made consciously and carefully without influence.

Despite whether you’ve had cosmetic surgery or are mulling it over, it’s crucial for us to all to obtain a firm grasp of reality and realise that these celebs we may perceive as perfect are in the spotlight.  Yes, they’re glam for about 19 hours a day but it’s not without hair stylists, make-up artists and personal assistants in tow. I agree, it doesn’t do wonders for your self confidence when you see Kim K looking incredible while you’re devouring a large bar of Dairy Milk, but hey, we’re only human.

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