The Beauty Column: Matte Maddess: The Summer Craze

revlon striking

It seems as though a matte finish has taken the beauty scene by storm. Although it seems more like an A/W thing, summer wants a look in on the matte action too. A glossy finish or summery sheen used to be on the top of lots of people’s agendas, but now, matte is everywhere. Whether it’s MAC’s infamous matte lipsticks or Sleek’s gloss to matte lip glosses, it’s all over the high street as well as being slap bang in the middle of the high end market too. If you’re looking for a summery matte shade then MAC’s Ruby Woo or Revlon’s Colorburst Matte Balm in Striking are two fail safe options if you want to take the matte route.

rimmel matte finish

And it’s not only the lips, it’s nails too. Barry M have a matte range of bright, summery colours which are perfect. With a long-lasting formula and a great colour range, you simply can’t go wrong. A matte finish on the nails gives a certain edge and looks effortlessly chic and sophisticated. And if your fave colour only comes in a glossy high-shine formula, grab a matte top coat from the likes of Essie or Rimmel. Talk about the perfect solution, right? Topshop also do a range of matte varnishes in some powdery pastel shades which can transform your nails from plain to pretty within a matter of minutes.

urban decay

The third and final instalment is eye shadows. I know shimmery or sparkly shadows can sometimes be more glam, but matte shadows are an essential. You can always use a matte shadow as a base and layer a prettier shade on top, or use it on a day to day basis for a more casual look if you don’t want anything too overpowering. If you want to utilise your products then you can even use a similar shade colour to your eyebrows and fill them in to create a natural fuller brow. The Urban Decay Naked Basics is a great starter palette which includes lights and darks. Matte doesn’t have to be dull and boring; it can be as fun as you make it.

Gorgeous glows might be the go-to look for skin, but a matte finis can express dimension and strength if you want something a little harsher instead of a soft and fluffy finish. Matte is definitely taking the title when it comes to eyes, lips and nails and mixing textures is a great way of being a little experimental and adventurous when it comes to beauty. So get stuck into the madness surrounding matte and swap your glossy finish for something with a little more edge. I dare ya.

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