The Beauty Column: Summer Beauty Breakdown


With the month of July in full swing, summer is well and truly upon us. The season might not be reflected in the weather every day, but it doesn’t mean we have to go dull and drab when it comes to beautifying ourselves. Summer is the perfect time to go brighter and bolder with everything. I do think sometimes in the summer less is more, but to hell with the rules, wear what YOU want to wear.

powder yellow nails

My personal summer essential is a high end, high quality foundation. And for me, this means durability and high coverage which may surprise you. Most people like going for light, hydrating bases in the warmer weather and while that’s all well and good if I’m having a good skin day or don’t have any plans, if I want my makeup to last all day, I want a trusty base. YSL Youth Liberator I’m looking at you. Best. Base. EVER.

revlon colorburst

Another one of my summer essentials which I won’t be ditching any time soon is a bold lip. My current fave is the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Striking for a subtle swipe of colour to brighten up my every day face. And the beauty of a bold lip is that it doesn’t have to match your outfit. Where there’s colour on the lips, there should be colour on the nails too, obvs. I like to alternate between bright neon colours and powdery pastels to keep things fresh.

clarins face tanner

While you may not be able to catch the natural tan you’ve been longing for all year, this is where a gradual face tanner comes in handy. Nothing too extreme that’s going to make your face look dirty and patchy, but a soft, natural and healthy glow. For me, this comes in the form of the Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning which is specifically for the face and neck. Your pale face problems can be wiped away within a matter of minutes.

salt scrub

My last top tip for my summer beauty breakdown starts with ex and ends in foliate. When it is warm, which is like what, once every 23 days, I like to get my pins out so I need to make sure they’re super silky soft. Even when the sun isn’t out, I might get a little bit of help in the form of my friend Mr fake tan which means it’s even more important for my legs to be in good condition. After recently investing in the Sanctuary Salt Scrub, I swear by the stuff. I use it to exfoliate from head to toe and it makes my skin feel like silky heaven.

Summer is the perfect time to be care-free and go with the flow. So be happy, take inspiration from those around you and be a little adventurous. Whether you want to wear absolutely no make-up or slap it on ‘til the sun comes up, wear what makes YOU feel good.

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