The Salon Review: Pierre Haddad, Sydney

Review: Kathryn Lewsey 

Located in the hustle and bustle of Sydney city centre, Pierre Haddad is tucked away on Pitt Street, as part of the swanky Hilton Hotel. Its unassuming entrance and walkway is deceiving, as you gradually walk through to a huge, open-space, opulent salon.

Created in loving memory of the late Pierre Haddad, the salon maintains the legacy, talent and passion for hair that Pierre left behind.

I’d been kindly invited to check out the salon’s colour and cut services. After checking in at reception, I was led through one side of the salon where the magic would begin. On my way through, I passed a champagne bar heaving with Veuve Clicquot Champagne and a whole wall boasting an array of hair extension options.


With its marble walls, grand gold oval mirrors and black leather seating , the salon has a seriously glam feel. Keeping with the theme, RnB tunes were being played throughout the space and the whole place had a serious Saturday night feel. If you want to get your hair done before a big night out, this is the place that is guaranteed to get you in the mood.

I was very kindly brought over a glass of pink champagne, before I met Sam, who was set to be doing my hair. Chatting about my tresses, I explained how I was in dire need of refreshing my balayage styled strands, which were looking lacklustre and faded. He suggested that I also had a few  pieces o blonde added to the top of my hair, to help create an natural blonde hue just in time for Aussie summertime.

Mixing up the dye, Sam came back over to me and speedily got to work. I’ve experienced some pretty slow-paced balyayge applications in the past, so Sam’s efficient process was seriously appreciated. Sam proficiently used a fine comb to weave through sections of my hair, smoothly painting my strands with the creamy blonde dye he’d mixed.

Despite the quick speed, the quality of his work was super impressive. Sam explained to me how he tries to apply the colour as quickly as possible, so that each section of the hair has the same amount of time for dye developing. He also made sure the dye contained a low level of peroxide level, which would help with my dreaded damaged ends!

After a swift application, I was left to relax and enjoy my bubbles while the colour took to my locks. Around thirty minutes later, I was whisked over to the basin area, another chic section that’s separated with a swish silver beaded curtain.

Removing the foils and washing out the dye, Sam then massaged a toner into my hair to brighten the blonde. He then shampooed my hair again, before applying a gorgeous charcoal mask onto my locks – which was the salon’s own brand.

Led back to my seat, my newly coloured barnet was brushed and blow-dried into a smooth, straight shape. Sam then snipped away two inches off the ends, reshaping my hair and getting rid of those pesky dead ends.

Finally, he transformed my hair into the surf girl finish I can only dream of achieving myself. Sam worked the straightening irons through sections of my locks, forming curls that he then brushed out to create cool, loose waves.

Setting the style with a spritz of hairspray, I was good to go. Experiencing a speedy service with excellent results, Pierre Hadin is high on my list for its glam vibes and hair-goal dreams.

4/225 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000