If a big occasion is coming up, you might want to throw a party in your back garden. There are few better settings for a major celebration during the summer than a familiar green space. If your garden is large enough, you might even host a festival. Complete with bands, caterers, and camping.

But even if it isn’t, you can still capture the spirit of summer by hosting a festival-themed party. A theme like this is perfect for getting friends and family together and revelling in musical nostalgia!

Set the scene

A fundamental part of any themed party are the decorations. You want to create a festival vibe with every spare visual element. If your party is going to be running into the late evening, you can keep it going with the help of the right lighting. Position some festoon lights across your garden to create the perfect ambient atmosphere for your festival party. Make sure that everyone has a comfortable place to sit, too, since it’s hard to relax when you’re on your feet for hours.


With the help of a few choice refreshments, you can really elevate the occasion. You might look into putting on some authentic street food, just like you’d get at a real festival. On the other hand, you could offer a snacky buffet, which is a good way for your guests to be able to help themselves throughout the afternoon. A barbecue is also a great way to cater to a range of visitors. Consider researching different dishes to make to add a bit of excitement to the meal.

Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash

Of course, no festival is complete without the right drinks. Set up a station for people to  get their own beverages, and make sure you provide non-alcoholic options too. A bowl of Pimms is a classic garden-party staple, but a selection of cans is probably more festival-appropriate.


A party isn’t festival-themed unless there is music! If you decide to create the playlist ahead of time, remember to incorporate a range of musical tastes so all of your visitors are happy. Alternatively, most streaming services offer ready-made playlists you could use. Look for big summer anthems that are going to be appreciated by everyone, and perhaps offer the opportunity for people to add their favourites to the queue.

Photo by Alexandra Marta on Unsplash

Be creative

You can push the theme as hard as you like. For example, if you’re sending out paper invitations, consider recreating an authentic festival poster that includes a list of activities and artists that will be played throughout the day. You could even make wristbands for everyone attending to continue the theme and provide a keepsake for the special day.

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