Top 10: Home Office Inspiration

For some people, their home office is like their second home and a little decoration can go a long way to lighten it up and make it a more relaxing, fun or happy place to be. You can fill yourself with office inspiration from these ideas for your new home office:



With lots of storage space, this office is great to help keep your work and files organized as well as keeping your office looking cool and sophisticated.

office room 1


Add a vintage touch with this wooden storage space with drawers and creating paper decorations and recycling jars as storage boxes.

home office 2


Go for a modern office like this one with a modern white room, stylish table and chairs and matching rug and storage units.

office room 3


This African themed office is a unique style with an animal print chair, wooden storage, animal ornaments and framed maps.

home office 4


If you like an artistic style then this style has cool ideas for hanging pictures in your office and creative decorations.

home office 5


This office is great for couples as it is modern and stylish and just the right amount of feminine touch with modern chairs, lamps, curtains and an oak table.

home office 6


This simple yet modern room is decorated in the tones of white and grey and grey chair, curtain and artistic framed images.


Home office room eight 

Add a Parisian style to your office by using stripe wallpaper, sofa and lamp and chic curtains.

home office 8


Go for an antique looking desk for a vintage style office and add simple decorations like a globe, fine art, plants and old books to complete the style.

home office 9


Go for a bright colour like this lime green to create a modern looking office with modern paintings and matching lime ornaments.

home office ten


Feature: Aimee Neachell