Treatment Review: Azure Icon Facial, 58 South Molton Street, London


Review: Kathryn Lewsey

Offering everything from therapy to beauty treatment, 58 South Molton Street is set in the heart of Oxford Circus but instantly feels like a million miles away thanks to its calming atmosphere.

Set up by psychologist Noam Sagi and marketing expert Michal Cohen-Sagi, it aims to offer a whole array of professional therapies in an environment that’s professional and nurturing.

Azure Beauty is just one of the many services based here. Launched by beauty experts Jenna Cole and Katharine Mackenzie Paterson, the pair uses their knowledge and experience to offer an impressive list of treatments. I was here to try out their facial service, but they also carry out massages, make-up and specialised skin treatments.

Jenna was on hand to carry out my Azure Icon Facial and led me up to their calming treatment room. Despite the hot weather, it was pleasing to step into a cool room (thanks to air con), and I was left to undress before slipping under the quilt of a ridiculously comfortable bed.

When Jenna returned to the room, we discussed my skin concerns. Azure’s mantra is “Today’s Skin”, meaning they focus on what exactly is happening there and then; rather than past problems.

I explained to Jenna how my skin had been quite congested with blemishes and I had been prescribed an acne treatment to help resolve the issue. She quizzed me on my skincare routine and my general lifestyle to really find out what my skin needed and the best way to treat it.

Using a combination of Decélor and Carita products, Jenna set to work on my skin. After my make-up was gently removed, my face was deeply cleansed in order to increase skin cell renewal – which would help repair the damage from the spots – and balance out the hydration levels in my dry skin.

To help boost collagen production within my skin, Jenna used ultra sound on my face, which was gently glided over my skin. She then proceeded to work her magic through the method of lymphatic drainage – a process that involves gently manipulating the skin (particularly under the ears and jaw) and in turn promotes a clearer complexion.

As well as an array of soothing aromatherapy oils, Jenna also applied micro currants to my face through Carita’s Lift Expert Machine and silver thread gloves. She expertly worked the gloves on areas with marks or blemishes, which helps to speed up the healing process and result in a generally clearer complexion.

Finally, Jenna applied a soothing Décelor moisturiser to my skin to keep it hydrated and supple.

The next day, my skin looked and felt better than it had been done in months. What’s more, it’s genuinely lasted; and the tips Jenna shared (her recommendation of Décleor’s Prolagene has been a saviour), has meant my complexion is getting much clearer and my spot woes are fast fading.

Jenna’s skills and knowledge worked a dream on my stressed-out skin and I really could not recommend Azure’s service more.