Beauty News: Label M Brightening Blonde Collection


Blondies, listen up! Hair experts Label M has created an array of perfect products for keeping your golden locks super bright and full of life.

This three-step system uses a botanical blend that will look after either natural or dyed blonde tresses. Its special formula tackles the main issues that blonde hair has to endure, including fast-fading colour, that yellow/orange tinge that pops up and dry/damaged strands.

Using natural ingredients, it’s formulated with mamaki tea, hops and white pineapple that work to seal the hair’s cuticles, as well as hydrating and conditioning barnets. Meanwhile, starfruit and custard apple helps to enhance and maintain the colour.

The clever trio consists of a shampoo for gently cleansing hair and conditioner that provides nourishment, as well as de-tangling tresses. Finally, a blonde balm is available to protect against heat damage, battle frizz and restore hydration.

Brightening Blonde Shampoo – £12.75, Brightening Blonde Conditioner – £15.75, Brightening Blonde Balm – £13.75