Salon Review: Strip Wax Boutique, Chelsea, London 

Chocolate room (2)Review: Kathryn Lewsey



Nowadays, having decent brows is just as important as having good hair, but while we all have our favourite salons to perfect our locks, finding the best brow place is a little harder.


Thanks to the likes of Cara Delavinge, brows are bigger than ever. So when I was invited to have a “browover” at the waxing and lingerie boutique, Strip, I jumped at the chance.


Their four-step process offers to shape and colour your brows in a way that’s customised personally for you. They consider important aspects such as your hair colour, skin tone and face shape to ensure you’re left with eyebrows that suit and flatter your face.


Located in swanky Chelsea, Strip is a unique store that sells plenty of luxurious underwear but also offers a professional waxing service. After making my through the pretty garments, I was greeted by the lovely therapists and taking upstairs, where the waxing takes place.


Each treatment room has a different theme and I was led to the chocolate room, which is covered in chocolate images and even smells of the stuff – talk about making your mouth water! And to satisfy my sweet tooth, even the wax had been made to look and smell like it.


The therapist sat me down and assessed my current brows, as well as asking how my current maintenance method. Although I don’t usually tint my brows, she recommended a light brown to help define the shape. I was also told that the ends would be shortened to a length that would really flatter and work with my face.


After the tint had been applied, the lovely therapist whipped out a measuring tape to expertly work out the best shape and what would need waxing. Although waxing can sometimes be painful, I was impressed at how quick and painless this was.


Armed with scissors and tweezers, she then ensured excellent precision by snipping and plucking away any stray hairs to create a flawless shape.


Once the shaping and colouring was complete, I was given a detailed explanation about my new shape and told how to maintain the look with lots of brow grooming and carefully applied pencil.


With its expert staff, painless treatments and amazing results, Strip is definitely the place to head when your brows need a boost.




102, Fulham Road, London, SW3 6HS. 020 7590 0050