Review: Kathryn Lewsey 

Confession, although we all hear how important it is to have regular facials, it’s not always something I’m great at keeping on top of. So when I was recently invited to check out the treatment at Dermanda Clinic, I knew I had to try out one of their facials.


Located on the iconic Harley Street, Dermanda Clinic offers incredible aesthetic non-surgical treatments for the skin – and the options are endless. Moles, acne, pigmentation, age spots and dark circles are just a few of the many skin concerns that you can get treated here. Plus, there’s laser hair removal and even a treatment to help hair loss.


But on this occasion I was here to sample Dermanda’s bespoke signature facial, a treatment customised to specifically meet my skin needs.


Stepping into the white, chic, clinic, I was warmly greeted at reception and given the mandatory paperwork to fill in, where I listed my main skin concerns – sun spots and redness being mine.


I was then led into the treatment room where I met my lovely therapist, Patricia. After leaving me to get comfortable on the bed, she came back into the room and we got down to the nitty gritty.


Patricia observed my skin and then asked me to explain what my worries were. She agreed that I had a few sun spots on my complexion but also pointed out that my skin was particularly dry. When we discussed the redness, Patricia explained that I have reactive skin – which is apparently common for those with British and Irish skin. It basically means any triggers like the environment, temperature changes or even spicy food, can cause it to become irritated.


Talking through my skincare regime, Patricia approved of my hyaluronic acid and retinol usage, but she had some tips. She recommended I use hyaluronic acid when my skin is damp, as it helps it absorb more – and that as my skin is so dry, I should apply moisturiser around one minute after. Whereas with retinol, she suggested I hold out using it over the summer months and introduce it two or three times a week once we head into autumn.


Patricia took off my make-up and started to work on treating my irritated skin. Questioning how often I exfoliated my skin – confession, barely ever – she began with an exfoliating treatment. Packed with the hero ingredient papaya (which has active enzymes), it’s ideal for soothing irritated skin. And as Patricia expertly massaged the product into my skin, it felt like a much-needed hug on my skin.


Next up was the HydraFacial machine, a deep cleansing tool which uses a swirling vortex pen that sucks out all of the nasty impurities from your skin. Gently applying the device all over my skin, Patricia focused on those particularly clogged-up patches on my T-zone.


For the next step, Patricia whipped out an ultrasonic skin scrubber – a nifty device which uses high-frequency vibrations to dislodge that pesky oil and gunk still lurking in my pores. It was super satisfying as Patricia showed the sebum that she’d managed to extract from skin.

HyperFocal: 0

With my complexion squeaky clean, Patricia then used the ultrasonic facial machine to work vitamin C into my complexion. The machine helps to penetrate the product deeper into the skin and vitamin C was the perfect option for brightening my face and targeting pigmentation.


Treating my skin to some serious TLC, Patricia then massaged a super-nourishing hydrating facial mask into my skin. I almost drifted off as she applied the soothing treatment, before leaving it to work its magic.


Patricia then layered my skin with some of Dermanda’s gorgeous skin products. For my tired peepers, she gently worked their Opti Lift Eye Serum on the delicate skin around my eyes, explaining that it’s a wonder for dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.


She then took the Stem C20 Serum and applied it on my entire face. Made up of vitamin C and stem cells, this powerful number stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, helping to fight wrinkles and even out skintones.


Finally, she massaged Boto Lift Face Cream into my skin. This miracle worker contains three powerful peptides and GABA to replicate the effects of Botox, without any needles! Perfect for fighting ageing skin, it works to relax facial muscles, leaving complexions seriously smooth.


Walking out of the clinic, even a heaving Oxford Street couldn’t ruin my zen, relaxed state – and it showed in my skin, too. Before, my complexion was red and irritated, now it looked fresh, radiant and healthy. I looked like I’d just come back from a tranquil week on the beach rather than an hour’s facial.


Harmont House, 20 Harley Street, London, W1G 9PH