Celebrity Beauty Chat: Emma Willis


Emma Willis is one of our favourite celebrity beauty icons, always looking impeccably flawless with seriously fabulous pins – so it’s no wonder she is the face (or should that be legs?) for Gillette Venus. We chat to her about achieving perfect pins, get the lowdown on her beauty secrets and find out how she always manages to look so flippin’ fabulous.

Which is your favourite razor?

In winter, when my skin feels more dry and sensitive, I like to use Venus Embrace Sensitive razor. It still gives me a really close shave but with less feel of irritation, whilst the protective moisture strip soothes my skin. Having silky smooth skin in winter makes me feel great – just because it’s colder, I still love to look after myself and feel at my best.

Do you have any tips for fabulous looking legs?

During winter my skin is susceptible to dehydration and dryness, so I gently exfoliate and give skin an extra moisture boost using a rich body butter day and night. I also shave with the Venus Embrace Sensitive razor and Satin Care Sensitive Skin shave gel. The razor features a ribbon of moisture and Aloe Vera to help soothe the skin for less feel of irritation. I also try to have showers rather than baths so I don’t aggravate my skin. A top tip from Venus’ celebrity Beautician Nathalie Eleni, is to have lukewarm showers (if you can bear them!) as they help cool irritated skin and improve your overall circulation.

What are your top beauty essentials?

During Winter I like to use the Venus Embrace Sensitive razor and Satin Care Sensitive Skin shave gel. The razor gives me a close shave with less feel of irritation, whilst the Aloe Vera is soothing for my skin. I use this French moisturiser called Embryolisse. Everyone in France uses it as you can just get it in the local chemists there so whenever any of my friends are in France I ask them to bring me back some. I’m a big fan of the Aussie hair care range, especially the Miracle Moist Shampoo, which helps me tame my wavy hair in the winter when I’m dashing between the freezing cold outdoors and the hot studio. I love Mama Mio body balm. I discovered it and used to use it while I was pregnant but I’ve fallen in love with it now and have used it ever since. It’s a fantastic body moisturiser, especially when my skin feels dry in the winter. I love Lucas Papaw. It’s a fantastic multi-purpose go-to beauty product. My all-time favourite fragrance is the original Stella McCartney fragrance. I tried it once years ago and have been hooked ever since.

What’s your best budget beauty buy under £10?

It would either be the new Venus Snap portable razor and Lucas Papaw – they both are 100% handbag staples.

How do you get ready for red-carpet appearances?

So, to get red-carpet ready, the first thing I do is soak in the bath, and then shave my legs with the Venus Embrace Sensitive razor. It really is an all-in-one beauty tool – with Venus’ best blades and a moisture bar to lock in moisture – so it always makes my legs nice and smooth. I always combine this with the Satin Care Shave Gel with a Touch of Olay as it contains Shea Butter for added hydration. I’ll finish with a rich moisturising body butter. Then a blow dry, because I’ve got naturally curly hair. And then make-up – either do an eye or a lip, but never both! My hair & make up will be determined by my outfit which will either be a little black dress, a trouser suit or something more fun and glamorous depending on how I’m feeling. Or something that’s going to make you go “where are my sunglasses?!!”