Fashion News: House Of Holland Goes On Tour In Mr Quiffy


Henry Holland is well known for his eccentric way of presenting his brand, right from his unforgettable t-shirts a few years back, but his newest venture is our favourite yet.

Jumping on board with the new wave of Pop-Up shop, House of Holland has taken to promoting and selling their high summer collection in a customised ice cream van ‘Mr Quiffy’. The capsule collection ranging of accessories and easy fitting clothing (not much room for a fitting room in the back of an ice cream van!) is exclusively available in Mr Quiffy and online only. Ranging from £15-£150 it is certainly more affordable than Holland’s main line, making it more affordable to its cult youth following.

On Tour for the next few months, we can expect to see the Mr Quiffy Van stopping off at:

Leeds (6th September)

Manchester (7th September)

Birmingham (8th September),

Peter Street (12-14th September)

and London Fashion Week (21st-22nd September).

Spitalfields (29th – 31st Sepetember)

We love the adorable ice cream earrings and colourful striped bodycon dress!

Feature by Robyn Egerton