Featured Review: NuBo White Diamond Ice Glow Mask

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Review: Jennifer Bonfield – Editor

Nubo is well known for bringing seriously scientific skincare to the dressing table – formulas are packed with anti-aging ingredients and promise to deliver solid results.

I’ve heard great things about the NuBo White Diamond Ice Glow Mask and I was keen to give it a whirl. This beautifully packaged pot featuring a sparkling, crystal-encrusted lid really does look the part. The luxurious silver jar undoubtedly deserves a prime place in your bathroom.

Having been a little lax of late and letting my usually stellar beauty routine slip, my skin was in desperate need of a revitalization boost and I was hoping this would deliver the results I was looking for.

This high-tech formula brings an innovative approach to anti-ageing with skin brightening biomimetic technology and a unique combination of bio-active ingredients. This oxygenating mask is designed to be used bi-weekly, promising brighter, radiant skin after just one use.


After a gentle cleanse I steamed my skin for 2 minutes, patted the skin dry and applied a thin layer of the mask. This silky textured formula is easy to apply and after covering my entire face and neck the tingling, cooling, sensation was almost instant –  I could literally feel the oxygenation effect start to work.

The mask is infused with micro-encapsulated oxygen (known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties) which soothes and brightens the skin. Rosavin Bio-molecules energises the skin cells by increasing the intake of oxygen, while the Micronized Diamonds give the skin a boost of luminosity. This is not a treatment for relaxation but it definitely is a treatment to boost vitality for both the skin and the senses. I was ready for bed before I used the mask but afterwards it had totally refreshed me so I’d say this is a perfect pre-party treat.

After leaving the mask on for 10 minutes I rinsed it off with warm water (use a damp muslin cloth to make removal easier) and my skin felt tingling clean. My skin really did look energized and radiant with an instant plumping effect and reduced expression lines. My complexion looked super healthy and was actually glowing  – restoring it to the best condition seen in weeks, I was seriously impressed to see such instant results. There is a premium price tag for this little pot of magic but you only need to use a little at a time. A jar of this radiance boosting formula will really go the distance.

NuBo White Diamond Ice Glow Mask

£100, 50ml, buy here www.nubo.com


* This post was created in collaboration with Nubo. All opinions, words and beauty obsessions are our own.