Although this year the festive party season will not be as we know it, we can still make ourselves feel like the queens (and princesses) we are by wearing our crowns – or our headbands, sparkly sliders or beautiful brooches – whether on the school run or during our zoom cocktail party with friends, with QueenMee Accessories.


One easy way to lift your mood is with what you put on in the morning.  Waking up and adorning yourself with a beautiful accessory can have positive effects on your emotional state.   It also enables you to tell a story about yourself and connect with other people through the theatre of dressing up and style. So called “dopamine dressing” is based on the idea that wearing overtly fun clothes and accessories can make you feel more positive in trying times.

Each item of QueenMee accessories has been designed with this ethos in mind.   By treating yourself or a loved one to the gift of a piece of QueenMee you are bound to unleash your inner confidence and your inner queen!  The Founder of QueenMee, Amanda, also wanted to share the positivity with the younger generation and so has also created a ‘Childrens’ and a ‘Mummy and Me’ range with matching mummy and toddler sets, as well as toddler and child specific hair pieces.

Below: Mummy and Me hair clip set in Pearl £30 and Baby Flower Headband in Ivory and Beige Floral Hair Band Set of 2 in Giftwrap £12.










As a link to dopamine dressing a percentage of each purchase also goes to the MIND charity with the knowledge that during this pandemic a huge amount of people are seriously struggling with their mental health during this turbulent time.

Amanda Waterstone Carthy, founder of QueenMee accessories, says: “I wanted to create a range that makes the wearer feel confident and special.  This year, more than ever, we have to find the joy in the everyday and celebrate the small moments.  As soon as you wear a piece of QueenMee, you will feel empowered and super stylish.”

Some of our favourite products in the QueenMee range include our gold pearl headband (£29) and the red tiara (£105) (below):

Shop the whole collection online at www.queenmee