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In today’s world everyone seeks a fast and permanent solution for their problems. People have become aware of how they look in today’s world due to the exposure to the current trends in fashion with the help of the internet. People are ready to spend their time and money on any treatment which can enhance their look. But the only main focus of the people undergoing these treatments is that it should consume less time, it should be a permanent one and the main focus is that the treatments should be pain free. Hair removal treatment is the most opted aesthetic treatment by all and these hair removal treatments were in use for a long time, but the methods used were different and they were shaving, waxing, tweezing, trimming, threading and other hair removal creams.


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All these treatments were not a permanent solution and they had had to be done in regular intervals. The main drawback of these treatments was they were very painful and tedious to undergo. But with the introduction of the laser hair removal treatment all the above problems have been addressed. The main highlight of this treatment is that it is pain free and it is almost a permanent solution. These treatments are done by doctors in specialised clinics which specialise in Laser treatments and this treatment is done passing high intensity light onto the skin’s top layer and by which the hair follicle is damaged this in return stops future hair growth. These treatments are completed by a number of visitations.

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Top tips for painless hair removal sessions. 

Good Sleep: The client should have a good night sleep of eight hour by which the body relaxes and therefore there is no stress the pain receptors are relaxed by which there is no pain.

Adequate water intake: the client should drink enough water before and after the treatment which will hydrate the body and the skin becomes less sensitive. If the client is dehydrated the skin becomes sensitive and there can be pain.

Shave the area of treatment: Shaving the area before the treatment is a must as the laser treatment works best with short hair and if the client doesn’t shave then when the treatment is done on long hair the client will experience certain irritation.

Image: Laura Mitulla

Ice Pack: It’s best to have an ice pack ready and it can be used before and after the treatment as this gives a numbing effect on the skin so there is less irritation on the skin when the treatment is done.

Wearing loose Clothes: Once the treatment is done wearing loose clothes is advisable as it will reduce friction on the treated area, because the treated area will be very sensitive.

Avoiding outdoor: It’s always best to avoid going out after the treatment as it can cause irritation on the treated area of the skin. If suppose the client has to go out, usage of a good sunscreen would help.

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