London Sock Company: Essential Autumn Accessories


After the summer months, it is time to upgrade and reinvent your wardrobe with some new clothes and accessories. This time of the year is not all about thick, wool jumpers but about finding stylish garments that compliment your taste whilst doing the same for the season and the new look that is upon us. It is actually one of the easiest seasons to accessorise, due to the colder weather and the fact that this gives you the opportunity to try out new looks and clothes.  Below, we have the latest accessories that can make a huge difference to your look at work or for those social occasions.


To keep your feet warm with the changing of the colour and the seasons, you need to get yourself a pair of long socks specifically for your outdoor footwear. The London Sock Company offers a fantastic selection of Wellington socks, knitted in the UK from the finest wool. They are breathable, meaning they are perfect for those autumnal walks when the weather starts to turn a little chillier. They are also comfortable and durable, with reinforcement built in to the socks. If you head out with the dogs or the children and are looking to stay warm but comfortable, they are a perfect choice for a luxury sock.

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As well as keeping your body warm, you need to protect your head as well. The majority of heat loss from your body is from this area, so keeping it warm is vital for your general wellbeing when the shorter days and colder climate inevitably arrives. From hats to caps and beanies, you have a variety of options at your disposal using a variety of fabrics, like wool and yarn. A bobble hat or a bucket hat may be options to think about, and try something new during this period. Mix it up and go for that new look.


It is time to put away those canvas shoes and sandals for the year and get yourself some high quality shoes, appropriate for the rain, wind and weather that is about to come. Boots are a staple for the autumn months, keeping your feet warm and free of any wetness, with good grip for the incoming ice and snow that is bound to appear at some point. Nowadays, there is so many options, from highly durable walking boots that can be used for the walk to work, or more classy options like Chelsea boots or brogues to have a nice option that is versatile for work and the outdoors. From a large selection of colours and designs, you will not be struggling for ideas or choices.


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* This post was created in collaboration with London Sock Company. Words & images by London Sock Company.