Developed by a midwife and mum duo, My Expert Midwife was created to tackle taboos around pregnancy and childbirth. The brand offers award winning products and expert advice, in order to educate, empower, and help manage the physical side effects of pregnancy, childbirth and being a new mum. Comprising of an expert team of midwifes and an obstetrician, all of the products are made by carefully blending safe and proven premium ingredients, designed to relieve and treat many symptoms and side effects experienced during pregnancy and once the baby is born.

The highly skilled and knowledgeable team have developed a range of products that women genuinely need, and which would improve their experiences during pregnancy and childbirth, therefore only the highest grade of ingredients make it into their range.

An option to shop by stage, makes the process of navigating for the perfect product and solution super easy and efficient, including pregnancy, birth, new mum and new-born. You can also shop by concern, from nausea, to itchy skin, preparing for birth and post labour.


Even the packaging of the products has been considered, which deliver a no-fuss, no spill application. The down to earth, award winning products, complete with no-nonsense, expert advice from the My Expert Midwife team, are sure to help you feel like you again.