Review: The Detox Kitchen
Kathryn Lewsey
We all know that eating healthily and detoxing is good for us, but most times when attempting a diet, were left unsatisfied and still hungry.   So, when I heard about The Detox Kitchen, which describes itself as impossibly delicious and gloriously healthy, I was desperate to try out this intriguing diet.   Lily Simpson founded The Detox Kitchen and explained why she created this concept, I want to prove that a diet doesnt have to be faddy, unsatisfying and difficult to stick to. Healthy food can be brilliantly tasty. It can fill you up. And yes, you can have pudding.   The food service delivers fresh and healthy meals to your door every day. And with fan list featuring the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Elle McPherson, I was looking forward to trialing the food. Well, if its good enough for the A-listers, its good enough for me!   Signing up to three days, I sampled this unique service in January aka detox season and while everyone around me was enduring dull, boring soups and salads, I was enjoying an array of totally delicious but super healthy food treat.  
Each morning, I was delivered a bag containing my breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the day. Users can opt for the protein, vegan or green menu – I went for the protein version.   On my first morning, I had a tasty breakfast of muesli and rice milk and a fresh carrot and ginger juice. The brekkie kept me full until lunch – and luckily I even had a little pot of Brazil nuts to banish those mid-morning hunger snacks.   Lunch consisted of a generous portion of pearly barley, which was flavoured with edamame pesto and nuts. I have to admit, this wasnt the most generous portion, and I was grateful for my afternoon snack, which consisted of a small pot of bean mash and celery.   In the evening, supper was a carrot and chickpea tagine, complete with oven baked chicken. The portion was a much more decent size and the dish was full of flavour. To follow, I was even given a pudding – a yummy portion of berries.   Along with your food, you also receive a tub of lemon, ginger or mint, to drink throughout the day, as well as healthy supplements for your body – psyllium husk, a biocare supplement and shot of wheatgrass.   One thing that I did miss throughout the detox was caffeine – a cup of tea is always my favourite way to start off the day. However, as the days went on, I realised I could cope without and I have decreased my daily intake since coming off the detox.  
After my three days, I definitely felt more energized and super healthy. My skin looked better than it had done in ages and my tresses were shinier. Every meal that I received was genuinely enjoyable to eat and yet at the same time, it felt healthier and much more nutritious than any fad diet.