Rockliffe Hall,  County Durham: January Mind Recovery Day Retreat

Focused on the mind connecting to the body with the aim of putting you in a complete state of relaxation, Rockliffe Hall’s incredible Mind Recovery Day Retreat is the perfect way to refresh your mind and spirit and restore the best version of yourself. Guests will be invited to relax upon the luxurious Spa Wave bed which comes equipped with warmed water cushions with earphones in the Mind Therapy room. The bed gently vibrates, and the headset plays binaural beats, which sounds like soothing spa music but are really guiding you through the brainwaves of sleep to take you to a state of deep relaxation in which healing of the mind occurs. The Spa Wave bed is one of the most innovative and creative experiences for the mind to relax and recover from all those daily stresses that affect our mental well being.

Following the Mind Therapy Experience, guests are encouraged to make the most of the incredible award winning Spa facilities including the swimming pool, hydrotherapy pool, outdoor hot tub, bucket drench, loungers and experience showers.

The hydropool, hot and cold treatment rooms will top off the ultimate day to provide therapy for the mind, boost your circulation and enhance the immune system. Lunch is also included in the Nu Sana restaurant, a brand-new casual eatery, located above spa. Look forward to a menu consisting of both healthy, nutrition-led menu items such as superfood salads, smoothies, fresh juices alongside nourishing dishes and buddha bowls. In addition, to more indulgent choices to give guests the option of ‘everything in moderation’. £90 per person

The Mind Therapy Day Retreat is available every Thursday until 27th January 2022. 

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